06 April 2020

Another year older.

Today I celebrated my 34th birthday without much fanfare. It is far from what I was accustomed to since I am used to month-long celebrations, but it doesn't mean I enjoyed it any less. I spent the day at home with my family, bonding over good food and great stories.

We couldn't be together because of the extreme enhanced community quarantine, but my boyfriend J sent over a huge Mango Caramel Cake. It was perfect and delicious, and I wish I can send all of you a slice each.

Because the cake was a surprise, I ordered two chocolate cakes myself from Mina's aunt.

My Mama and brother who are chocoholics gave these two thumbs up, and that is all you have to know to see that these chocolate cakes are amazingly yummy. Get them for your birthday, or any occasion really. Make every day a Cake Day, I say. Let me know if you need Tita's contact information in case you want to order!

I got so many messages on all my social media channels greeting me and even though I haven't been able to answer yet, I got to read each one. It's so heartwarming, thinking that people took a few seconds out of their time to send me a sweet note, and carry a conversation even. 

After dinner I also donated money to my friends' fund raising drive F.L.A.T.ten the Curve. If you are able, I hope you can donate as well so we can give assistance to our kababayans who can't go out and sustain their livelihood because of the quarantine. Thank you for your consideration.

My heart is full.

I don't have any birthday wishes for myself except good health for my family and loved ones, and for COVID-19 to be completely eradicated within the next month.

Thank you. I am keeping you in my thoughts, friends.

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