Review: Ellana Minerals Lip Drunk Blush

03 April 2020

Working from home afforded me a little bit of extra time so I was able to dig drafts and stored photos, and I realized I haven't published my review of Ellana Minerals Lip Drunk Blush despite it being my go to-blush for a year now. I am posting quick reviews and swatches of the first five shades they released here.

Please note though that I am not sure if they are phasing these shades out as these are almost always out of stock online, but you may also check Ellana's stores when the community quarantine is lifted.

I have since bought more palettes to hold all of them, tyvm
Perfect your tipsy flush with this super-moisturizing, cocktail-inspired drunk blush. Made for lips and cheeks! This multi-stain glides on smoothly, with a soft, natural-matte finish and creamy, hydrating texture that is infused with Camellia “Tsubaki” Seed Oil. Your Lip Drunk Blush is all you need to glow on the go. You’ll notice your skin just gets better and better every day!
You only need a couple of light swipes because these are very pigmented. You may apply using clean fingers or brush. Personally I prefer using my ring finger to swipe and blend.

From left to right:
Autumn Martini | Mimosa | Sangria | Strawberry Daiquiri | Pink Flamingo
See how much color one swipe can generate?

Autumn Martini - a brick red-brown, “clay blush” color, with a spicy red apple scent with a hint of cinnamon

Mimosa - a bronze shade with shimmer, and has a delicious fragrance of orange and vanilla with notes of chamomile

Sangria - a wine red-violet or berry hue, with the scent of apples, oranges, and mixed berries

Strawberry Daiquiri - a pink-based red, with a refreshing mix of strawberry and peppermint scents

Pink Flamingo - a pale, cool-toned pink that appears as a sheer stain once applied, and has a grapefruit, strawberry, and watermelon scent

Here are some photos when worn.

Ellana Minerals Lip Drunk Blush in Autumn Martini on my cheeks
Ellana Minerals Lip Drunk Blush in Mimosa on my cheeks
Ellana Minerals Lip Drunk Blush in Sangria on my cheeks
Ellana Minerals Lip Drunk Blush in Strawberry Daiquiri on my cheeks
Ellana Minerals Lip Drunk Blush in Pink Flamingo on my cheeks
I even used to swipe a little on my eyelids as a light shadow for a monochromatic look until I saw the note of Ellana founder/ formulator that there are pigments that may not be safe for the eye area. Eep!  So, yes, a word to the wise: the Ellana Minerals Lip Drunk Blush are only for your lips and cheeks! (You may use the Multipurpose Color Cream if you want an all-around product that you can use as eye shadow, blush, and lip color.)

At Php 449 a pop, these can be a little more costly than your average drugstore brand blush, but the quality is so much better than a drugstore brand's, and staying power is also A+++. You can get a lot of use out of one refill so your Php 449 can go a long way.

The only comment I might have is the scent. I don't mind and the scent fades after a while, but some people might find it too strong. I hope the new shades have addressed it.  

Last year I had the opportunity to customize my own Lip Drunk Blush shade and it was a lot of fun! There were plans of extending that service to the stores but I haven't seen it yet, although Ellana released four new shades, two of which I have already ordered: Peach Bellini and Espresso Martini. Give me another year and perhaps I will be able to share my review and swatches of those as well. Heh.

Did you like any of the shades I featured here? Do you have plans of trying Ellana's take on the drunk blush trend? Do you still do your makeup while working from home? Let me know in the comments!

By the way, if you did like this review and are thinking of getting your own, please use my referral link so we both get Php 100 Ellana coupon each. TYSM!

Disclosure: All products here were not sponsored. I bought them using my own money.

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