My Valentine

15 February 2017

My boyfriend is not the romantic type.

He's not big on grand gestures, he thinks Valentine's Day is overrated, he doesn't like flowers, and sometimes he loses track of dates and forgets monthsaries. This proves to be challenging for me at times because I'm a cliché. I'm all about the hearts and cheese, fam.

I acknowledge that his love language differs from mine and I have enough self-awareness to recognize when I'm being irrational so I have learned to manage my expectations.

And so when he does something out of the ordinary, these gestures are completely unexpected and doubly appreciated.

Yesterday, just a little after I gave up and accepted the fact that we wouldn't be celebrating Valentine's Day together, he surprised me in the office with flowers and took me out on a romantic date at The Wholesome Table (where we technically had our first ever date before watching Owl City's concert back in 2015).

I had a Yakitori Bowl and a Wholesome Mojito while he had a Grass Fed Beef Burger and a Be Strong smoothie.

I miss Aria Cucina Italiana (the Italian restaurant that used to occupy this space, also by the same owners) and their Rucola e pinoli Pizza but I like The Wholesome Table more not only because it's prettier, but because the food don't make me feel blah even after indulging myself. Only the good stuff, indeed. Service is also A+. I only have fond memories in this place (aside from being the venue of our first date, this is also where my boss talked to me about my raise, hee) and I wish I could afford to eat here more often. As it stands this is more like a "special occasion" resto for me, and I think that's okay because at least its novelty won't be lost on me.

One of the best parts of the evening was seeing my favorite server Juvy again after so long. I didn't see her the last time I ate there so I thought she has already transferred to another job.

I was so pleased that she still remembers me. All this time I was thinking she only calls me "Miss Gorgeous" because she doesn't really know my name and just calls every random customer that, but she called me by my first name when she saw me! She also gave us chocolates.

This is my favorite Valentine's Day so far, made even more special by my Love and his romantic gesture. I know he scoffs at this Hallmark holiday but he still made the effort of waking up extra early so he can get off work earlier than usual and brave the fake holiday traffic to get to BGC where I work. ♥

"I believe that there’s a way to love someone like we thought we could love when we were young." - Iain S. Thomas

This is it. 

I love you, bb. My heart is yours.

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