"Falls apart, might as well."

22 October 2013

I got the biggest shock of my life my month yesterday when at around 3 in the afternoon I got a text message from my friend Niche asking me to see him in SMART-Araneta Coliseum at 7:30 PM so he can give me a ticket to the Smashmouth/ Sugar Ray/ Gin Blossoms concert! I remember flipping out when I first heard the news that they will go here and was devastated when I almost missed it because I was already dangerously low on funds, so being given free tickets to see and hear my sixth grade-crush Mark McGrath live is such a wonderful surprise I couldn't say no to, even if it meant taking the train on Monday rush hour!

My elusive and precious Lower Box ticket ♥
The plan was to stay only after Sugar Ray has performed since it was only their set I was looking forward to in addition to being terrified of going home alone really late at night, so I had high hopes upon seeing the billing and official hashtag of the concert although I know that Sugar Ray is relatively more famous here in Manila than Smashmouth. However, my wish to go home early was not granted as the concert started past 8 already with local band Color It Red opening the show. After their performance, a long break, Smashmouth's energetic one hour-and-a-half set, and another 40-minute break, it was already past 10 PM when Sugar Ray began their set.

I just want to say that all that waiting was worth it.

I've wanted to see Mark McGrath ever since I was in Grade 6 as I had the biggest crush on him! I am part of the MTV generation, you see, and they hit it big in the music industry at a time when my eyes were perpetually glued to MTV Asia. The alternative bands of the '90s taught me how to appreciate great lyrics and until now, even though I enjoy bubblegum pop songs occasionally, alternative remains to be my favorite music genre. 

Mark has aged well and even after all these years, he is still such a babe. I loved how he talked to the audience after every song and declared how humbled he is with this tremendous show of support. What a charming guy ♥ I really enjoyed their performances and even though only he and Rodney Sheppard are the original band members, the Bivona brothers definitely held their own.

And their songs! They brought me back to those times when listening to the radio and hearing your favorite song come up gives you such a thrill. I mean, yeah, I don't recommend listening to When It's Over when you're fresh from a breakup since it kinda makes you want to second-guess the relationship and even try to rekindle the proverbial flame, but I cannot deny how it has earned somewhat of a cult status among the many gems the late '90s to early 2000s produced. 

Meanwhile, my favorite Sugar Ray song is Falls Apart and I was so happy when they played it!

Another highlight of the night? Sugar Ray choosing my other favorite song Fly as their last song!

I didn't mind waiting. I didn't mind sharing a cramped seat with Aisa (I just hope she didn't mind it, too, hee). I didn't mind missing Gin Blossoms as it was already too late in the night and I still needed to wake up early for work today. I also didn't mind going home alone, since I was able to get home safely. I love going to concerts and I embrace every single part of the experience. What a great night! Hugest of thanks to Niche and my blogger friends I was with last night: Ana, Aisa, Tracy, Paul, Sarah, and Dennis!

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  1. I am so jealous!!! I completely forgot about the concert... I only remembered last week! Tsk :(

    I love all three bands and I would've loved to see them perform live. Sayaaaang. :(

  2. so inggit! Cheers to us mga batang 90s music. Sayang Gin Blossoms lang ang umabot ng Cebu, sana SugarRay din.

  3. Awww, sayang nga! They were super awesome live, I'm sure you would have loved it :(

  4. Ay sayang naman. A lot of people weren't able to watch Gin Blossoms na rin because their set started way past midnight na :/

  5. so umabot na ng madaling araw ang concert!

  6. I know... I have missed a lot of concerts this year! :/


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