{2016} Currently Vols. 13 and 14

04 April 2016

Last week was my first time to miss my weekly Currently posting and I feel bad about it, thus this double post.

It was crazy. Today was my eighth consecutive day to go to work as I needed to work last Saturday and Sunday also for two events we handled for our client. I am tired but grateful for having had the chance to meet more people in the industry and connect with old friends who have always been supportive.

I wasn't able to take a lot of photos from the three Sandara Park-filled days we had (we were at the airport when she arrived on March 31, organized a shoot and a presscon for her that happened in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel on April 1, and assisted with her Fan Conference in Skydome on April 2)  as Penshoppe's PR agency, but I was able to take a photo with the peeps who matter.

My #nofilter selfie with Sandara
She's so pretty! And she glows!

With Jjangmae
With Penshoppe Brand Director Jeff Bascon
More complete stories about what happened on my next post!

Here is this and last weeks' Currently!

... Except I'm not really in the mood to answer a set list of questions, so instead I'm just going to post here remarkable photos from the craziest day (in recent history) we've been seen so far.

ARC PR's PR team
Our PR Director Celine, our new PR Associate Sab, and myself as the PR Assistant Manager
Dinner with my old HSBC loves
My treat because I'm turning a year older.
Skydome was packed with KPop fans screaming so loudly I could hardly hear myself think!
And then yesterday, I watched Batman v Superman for the second time, thanks to Penshoppe. We got decked out in their BvS collection and had a great cinema experience at the SM Aura Director's Club, too!

Clearly we've chosen whose sides we are on
I would love to add more chika but I am soooo sleepy like you wouldn't believe.

By the way. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! I'm turning 30 on Wednesday!!

I'm not ready yet. I don't even have plans yet. x_x

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