{2016} Currently Vol. 7

15 February 2016

Hello, everyone! How was your Valentine's Day? Hitched or not, I hope it was filled with love. ♥

As for me, it was supposed to be my first time to experience UP Fair as my boyfriend wanted to take me. He warned me that it would be crowded and it might be muddy, but we were supposed to just wing it and enjoy. I even volunteered to bring my yoga mat so we have somewhere to sit on. Upon checking, we were surprised to learn that the last day of the Fair was Saturday! (ノ^∇^) It just wasn't meant to be.

In hindsight, I guess it's okay because we're not that really musically-inclined anyway. I mean, yes of course we love music and all — our first date was to see Owl City; the first movie we saw together was Pitch Perfect 2; and one of the most memorable nights we've had was when we heard Nate Ruess sing live — but we're hardly the first couple you'll think of when the subject comes up.

What we are though, is that we are good with our hands.

A craft date in Glorietta courtesy of the Ayala Malls #lovemheARTs campaign is the perfect alternative Valentine date!

I was apprehensive about tagging him along to Alessa of Life After Breakfast's Rubber Stamp Making Workshop but he was so game!

Hanging out with Jasmini, Jasmedium, and Batman before the workshop.
Jasmini was Miah's just because gift to me a couple of weeks ago while Jasmedium was his VDay gift to me. Hee.
The Batman toy figure from the animated series was my VDay gift to him.
Aside from our toys, it was nice to see familiar faces at the event!

Craft double-date with Ava and her husband Gersh ♥
I attended a rubber stamp-carving workshop before and I have the tools at home so I already know the basics, but still it's always nice to learn new techniques, especially from the expert herself. I've always been a fan of Alessa's work so it's awesome that I was able to attend her workshop and share this experience with Miah.

Inspired by my new Jasmine toy, I decided to carve a magic lamp.
I love how intense his concentration was, hee.
After slicing, gouging, and carving, ta da!

My magic lamp and his Batman v Superman stamp
I love how the inks assigned to the seats we chose randomly matched the designs we had in mind!
My "You were my wish" card. I am planning to add a watercolor painting here.
Can you tell how excited he is for the Batman v Superman movie?
Not bad for a first timer. I am so proud!
The couples' table's outputs! Our stamps with Gersh's Lego heads and Ava's unicorn ♥
Batman v Superman v Genie of the lamp
Fun day! Thank you so much for extending the invitation to us, Miss Emm!

Here is this week's Currently!


I finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes the other day and I still feel sad about it. I think the author ended the story the way it should be ended, so even though it goes against what I normally enjoy reading, I believe it was a satisfactory conclusion. Now I'm still trying to decide what to read next.

The new Lucifer TV series. Miah and I decided to stop buying the new Archie comics and just wait for the compilation, so Lucifer became our new tradition. We're enjoying it immensely because it has just the right mix of snarky wit, mystery, and magical realism. I actually can't help but compare it with Detective Conan.

The new British Rose line by The Body Shop. It smells so good, like you bathed in flowers. I used to dislike floral scents and preferred citrus and fruity scents all throughout high school and college, but I guess my tastes and preferences have changed as I turned older.

My new MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks and MeNow True Lips Lip Liner. I hoarded last week and got four lipsticks and a box of 12 lip liners and now I'm not even done testing everything yet.

Of other things I can do to try to save money.

Giddy. One look at my Jasmedium and I get kilig all over again. ♥

My Valentine look. I will post about that next.

At this hour? Lemon Cake and coffee.

To write more on my journal.

For more out-of-the-ordinary dates with Miah.

My first time to ride a double-decker bus was when we climbed aboard the P2P bus from Glorietta to TriNoma yesterday. Fun!
Aaand that's it. Time to catch my forty winks. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you guys at the SuperSale Bazaar happening at the World Trade Center this weekend! I'll be selling my Krissyfied Makes watercolor postcards. Thank you and take care of your hearts. ♥

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