Saleswoman for the weekend

21 February 2016

I think I wasn't born to be an entrepreneur. Not for lack of trying, though. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with being an ENFP, but since grade school I have tried to jump-start several entrepreneurial endeavors only to get sick of them and stop once they gain momentum. I used to sell stationery sets, paper dolls, accessories, and a lot of other thingamajigs and my classmates were willing to support. Or they just really love stationery. I also used to have an online shop where I sold clothes, bags, and accessories. I earned thrice the money I put out in just two weeks but I closed up shop in less than two months. One thing I know for sure: I love creating things and getting them out to people who might appreciate them. 

This weekend I attended two shopping events and marketed my Krissyfied Makes watercolor postcards. ♥

First stop: Komiket in Elements, Centris

I attended Easter Komiket last year so I pretty much have an idea of what would happen already, but I didn't anticipate the number of attendees! A lot of people who love comic books and art came and it was awesome!

I manned the #romanceclass table with my author friends where we sold books

... and my watercolor postcards.

Ines with Tammy and Addie
It was so nice to see you again, Job!
Woohoo, look who visited our table!
I think it was the first time I didn't have to line up for his autograph? Haha thank you, Manix!
The local comic book scene's rockstar with my The Signal watercolor postcard. Squee!
I took a break from manning the booth when my rockstar arrived. 

We went around all the tables and he ended up spending more than I did. Hee. 

I wanted to have our portraits sketched so for only P40, Gioseppe Custodio did "a really crappy drawing of us" (LOL I'm not kidding! That was exactly what his sign said!). It's amazing how we look so alike now, yes? ^_^
We left before Komiket officially closed because he needed to meet a client. I kinda regret missing Manix's talk but oh well, I guess I will just have to wait for Summer Komiket on April 16.

Chocolate cake date at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Second stop: SuperSale Bazaar Summer Sale 2016 in World Trade Center Tent

Alex and her friends Chris, Nio, John, and Jona have been there manning our adjacent booths since Friday but since I had work and yesterday's Komiket I only got to go today.

Alex sold bikinis and beach wear, Chris sold accessories, and I sold my postcards!
I really didn't want to go around because I didn't want to spend any more money but I couldn't resist not dropping by Reese's booth!
Today's haul: In Case You Come Back, a collection of poems, confessions, apologies, and promises by Marla Miniano and Reese Lansangan, with illustrations by Jamie Catt; a free postcard I traded with Reese; and a pretty bracelet and ear crawler gifted by Chris
What a tiring but fun weekend of talking to people and trying to market my wares, haha. To everyone who would like to practice selling, I have two pieces of advice: be excited about what you're offering and don't forget to smile! Thank you sooo much to everyone who dropped by and bought my postcards! I still have stocks with me so in case you're interested, please visit my shop in Shopee to purchase!

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