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15 December 2013

I can be pretty impulsive sometimes most times, not only when shopping but also during more crucial moments when I relied on impulse and gut feel more than the more logical and scientific approach of weighing the pros and cons before deciding on something.

To my credit, though, this is something I have wanted for so long and I'm glad that I finally got the funds, time, and chutzpah to try to pull it off.

I'm talking about my hair. (^_−)☆ 

Yesterday, immediately after watching Frozen, I was overcome by the desire to have my hair colored a vibrant red. I've only ever had red and blonde highlights but never a full head of red hair. I thought of going the DIY route instead of the more expensive salon visit, but even though I found the two times I did it fun and left me with decent-looking hair, it was really messy and difficult with no one to assist me. And so yesterday, this happened:

This is not a sponsored salon visit. It took me less than two hours at FIX Salon in TriNoma (the one beside The Spa) and P1,750 plus tips to achieve this red, and I LIKE LOVE IT. Oh man, it hurt like a hot-headed beesh. It felt like more than ten pairs of hands from a lot of different directions were pulling my hair at the same time and it was all I could do not to request the girl attending to me to dunk me head first into an ice-cold bucket of water. But oh well, no pain, no gain. I think the result was worth it. This is how it looks like from the side:

What do you think?

Looking at my hair makes me hungry because it reminds me so much of red velvet cupcakes.

Because I wanted the color to stay vibrant longer, my friend Michelle and I went to The Landmark to get Vidal Sassoon. I also wanted to get Clarifying Shampoo because I feel like too much gunk has accumulated in my hair already. Landmark ran out of the Premium Color Care Series, though, so I ended up with these:

TRESemme Keratin Smooth gift pack with 190mL shampoo and conditioner bottles and Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo
I hope these work with my hair. In any case, I checked Sample Room earlier and I'm really glad that for only P130 shipping fee, I will get to experience Vidal Sassoon's Premium Color Care Series!

Another crazy work-week begins tomorrow. That's okay because I have crazy hair to match it. d(-_^) Gotta go catch up on some beauty sleep now but before that, I want to leave you with this just because I found it awesome:

See you around!

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