Sweet Complications Giveaway: Tanya's Everyday Essentials

03 May 2015

Lost in Words/ Worlds
This is how I imagine my Main Character Tanya to be when she's not with Nate: sprawled in her room with only her books as company, dreaming of the day she'll have her own bookstore. (Or this could also be a visual representation of myself, except my room's messier and aside from the bookshelves, there'll also be book towers around me.) Also, this took me all afternoon and my right hand hurt.

In Once Upon a Sticky Note, Tanya and Nate are classmates and “talk all day, every day” best friends who encounter a sweet complication~ when Tanya realized she has fallen in love with him. In my character sketch, I imagine her to be a sweet and charming friend and a bright student who's helpful to her peers. If asked to take a peek at her bag, these are the things I imagine it must contain:

A spare notebook for spontaneous bursts of inspiration, a pressed powder, a pink-hued lipstick, a fun-colored eyeliner, a Uni Pin that Nate almost always borrows [and loses], a post card just in case, and packs of sticky notes (of course)
For those who've read the story, did it match how you visualized Tanya, too?

Anyway, the spotlight is on the BuqoYA 2: Sweet Complications [that contains my story Once Upon a Sticky Note] starting tomorrow, thanks to a blog tour organized by Dianne of Oops I Read a Book Again!

Would you do a set of dares to prove someone wrong? Would you risk your friendship so you can find love? Would you admit your real feelings? There are a lot of complications when it comes to finding love. Get the feels when you read these sweet stories.
The blog tour is passing by this site on May 6 (Wednesday), so check back because I will be posting excerpts from all the stories included in the bundle! To celebrate this occasion and thank everyone who have already bought a copy of our bundle [as well as those who are planning to], I put together a fun giveaway that's open worldwide!

One lucky winner will win everything in the photo below:

Tanya's Everyday Essentials
Prizes include a notebook, a L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique All-in-One Powder in Vanilla Ivory (reviewed here), a L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick in Pop Up Pink (reviewed here), Browhaus Bi-Liner in Blush, a black Uni Pin Fineliner Pen 0.05mm, a print of The Art of Pixar featuring concept art for Up in gouache by Lou Romano (that photo is so Tanya and Nate I cannot not include it), and packs of sticky notes. I might also still  be able to add more prizes to this loot. We'll see.

Join here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is open to everyone worldwide so long as you have a copy of the Sweet Complications bundle, either purchased from Buqo or as an ARC for participating in the blog tour. Disqus allows images with the comments so just kindly put a watermark on your screenshot OR the link to your review of the bundle/ Once Upon a Sticky Note and you're in. (^_−)☆ You must be wondering why I have all those questions. Well, I'm currently writing the continuation to their story and I would like to know, since you read it, what you would like to see next. Is there a specific scene you liked best? A scene you would've liked to have been explored more? A scene you can foresee happening between adult Tanya and Nate?

This giveaway will run until the end of the month so for those who don't have a copy yet, you're free to visit Buqo and buy our bundle! It's on a special price of only $0.99 (P45) again this week! The best thing about it is that you're getting five more stories in the bundle. That alone is a huge deal already!

Aaand that's it! For questions, reactions, or just about anything, leave a comment, email, or tweet me! Thank you and good luck!


  1. Camille QuiambaoMay 4, 2015 at 6:30 AM

    the Once Upon a Sticky Note are adorable! :)

  2. Since I'm a sucker for best friends turned lovers stories, I absolutely loved Once Upon a Sticky Note! My fav scene would be when Tanya asked Nate to go with him to the prom but is turned down.. lol Idk why is that my fav but my emotions got real with that scene hahaha. Anyway, here's a link to my review: https://beatricelearnstoread.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/blog-tour-buqoya-2-sweet-complications-review-excerpt-giveaway-2/

  3. My fav is the Once Upon a Sticky Note...because its perfect :)

  4. i love the note because is so cute!!!

  5. I can totally relate with Nate and Tanya coz I got a guy bestfriend too and yes we tried to go to the next level but things didnt work out so we had a "gap years" before we became friends again. But not bffs anymore :( #AllisWell for us!

    Best scene: when Nate confess to Tanya about the unsent message and when and how she liked her from the day they first met. It brings back so many memories esp highschool kiligs. :)

    A continuation is good, I would like to know how will they be as a couple? Will getting to the next level be complicated or not?

    This is my first time to join the #BuqoBlogTour coz I wanted to read your story, but sorry I havent written a review yet. http://seyitpurpz.tumblr.com/post/118351714517/blog-tour-buqoya-bundle-2-sweet-complications

  6. Always&UntilWheneverMay 23, 2015 at 1:53 PM

    I always thought the cover was so creative and it got our attention as well :) The written work is so relatable and I love them!

  7. Hey,
    I love this giveaway. Good luck to all entrants. x

  8. Hi Krissy!

    Congratulations for the Once Upon a Sticky Note! I know this is a dream come true for you and I'm so happy! *Virtual hugs*

    What did you really think about Once Upon a Sticky Note?

    -Everyone can relate to. This could happened to any one of us. The simplicity and realistic of the whole story, I love it!

    What was your favorite scene? What scene do you think should have been explored more?

    -Favorite scene: Definitely the end! You nailed that 'special confession and moment!' Well done!

    What would you like to see on the continuation of Tanya and Nate's story? Their other friends'? Their families'?

    -They are going to be college soon and their relationship will somehow get complicated. Would love to see distraction or some antagonists. Hihi... :)

    Good luck with the continuation Krissy! :) Aja!


  9. Aleksandra KosticMay 25, 2015 at 4:42 AM

    The Once Upon a Sticky Note are adorable,,, :)

  10. Aww Krissy! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to start reading this! <3

  11. Hi Krissy! Just finished reading your story, sorry it took me forever. Hehe. :)

    What did you really think about Once Upon a Sticky Note? -- It's cute. I'm sure at some point in our lives we all had a guy best friend whom we fell in love with, or at least got infatuated with. It made me smile because, well, I remember my teenager self going through same things like Tanya. The world was full of hues of pink. Hahah. I like the concept of sticky notes because nothing beats the old school handwritten expression of thoughts and feelings. I feel its more sincere (similar with snail mail kind of thing). In this modern age, sending a text message always does the trick.

    What was your favorite scene? -- It has to be Tanya's birthday, when she saw her room filled with balloons as surprise from Nate. And of course, that sticky note again.

    What scene do you think should have been explored more? -- I think it would be great to see more scenes with Nate in them (ie What is he thinking, how did he realize he likes Tanya, the development of his feelings, if Armi also likes Nate and then she becomes an antagonist -- you know sometimes we need a kontrabida to make our bidas realize their true feelings hahaha, etc etc). Also, the story gets more kilig if its the guy that shows he's head over heels with the girl (although Nate already did that at the latter part of the story), perhaps just add in a little more kilig moves from Nate.

    What would you like to see on the continuation of Tanya and Nate's story? Their other frienda? Their families? -- I'd like to see how adulthood changes their lives, affects their feelings for each other and stuff like that. Getting into college also means a whole new world for both of them. It would be interesting to see how they'd manage to still stand by each other despite changes in everyday lives, setting priorities, meeting new people including temptations that could get in their way. And see if they would still be "them" in the end -- like any other love story. :)

  12. Did I get your instructions right? Sorry, I'm not used to joining 'contests' like this so I hope my comment isn't messy. Hahaha. :)


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