'All the Good Things' in Singapore

28 May 2015

I've only been out of the country twice so far, and both instances have been to visit Singapore. On my first visit as one of the Filipino teenagers to represent the country for Sunburst Youth Camp, I was fascinated by how it resembled a real-life Sim City. A little less than six years later, I went back with my friends and was blown away by how much the Lion City has changed in that short span of time. At the time Universal Studios wasn't fully constructed yet. When I go there again Universal Studios and the Marina Bay Sands will definitely be in the itinerary.

In recognition of local talent, the Singapore Tourism Board recently collaborated with award-winning Philippine indie act Up Dharma Down for a song and an accompanying music video inspired by Singapore. The song is named 'All the Good Things', and it's such an upbeat song with a catchy beat. Indeed, music is a universal medium of artistic expression that transcends geography and culture.

We went to the launch held in 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub last week, and it was a perfect date night filled with great music, great food and drinks, and great company.

Armi Millare said “the song is about having an idea of what’s good but only coming to terms with it upfront by actually doing something about it, such as traveling after a long time of toying with the idea of it. It’s about being open to new experiences, having that proactivity and positive outlook.” Meanwhile, the music video for 'All the Good Things' was inspired by the creativity, progressiveness and energy of Singapore, as shared by director Johan Polhem, former Senior Creative Director at MTV Australia and Gold Awardee for Music Video at the New York Film Festival. Watch it below.

The video documenting their exciting visit draws back the curtains on a fun and thrilling side of the country they had not experienced before. It takes us through Up Dharma Down’s journey to various iconic and off-the-beaten-track locations in Singapore, sharing the experiences and personal moments that inspired them to create their new song.

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Now that you have listened enough and enjoyed it a lot, visit YourSingapore.ph for more exclusive content and to download the song for free!

Congratulations for a successful launch and big thanks to the Singapore Tourism Board, Up Dharma Down, and GeiserMaclang for having us!


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