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16 May 2015

Back in 2012, I participated in TOMS One Day Without Shoes, an annual global event that aims to spread awareness for children's health and education. More than anything else, that event made me realize how lucky I am that I get to do my day-to-day activities with my feet safe and protected. I know it's is easy to take some things for granted because they've always been there, but when you think about it, not everyone enjoys the same privileges we do. Reality hurts, and the truth is, millions of children all around the world are forced to go to school without shoes or even slippers on. When you think about it, aside from the health hazards, not having shoes can also harm the kids mentally and psychologically.

And that is why I applaud TOMS and the One for One movement wherein for every pair of TOMS sold, a pair of shoes is also given to a child - and now, One Day Without Shoes. With the slogan "Go without shoes so kids don't have to", the aim of the project is to make the more fortunate experience first-hand what it's like to go without shoes so they see the stark and sad reality of these children.

One of the most important lessons I learned from my previous job is the value of empathy. Empathy means putting yourself on the other person's shoes. It becomes easier to empathize when the other person has literally no shoes.
This time around, TOMS steps it up by coming up with the #withoutshoes campaign. For every photo of bare feet posted on Instagram with the hashtag #withoutshoes, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. No catch, no purchase required. (Limited to one photo per Instagram account only.)

The goal is to donate a million pair of shoes. We hope you can join TOMS with this initiative by posting your #withoutshoes photo and encouraging your family and friends to do the same!

On May 21, everyone is once again invited to spend their day barefoot not just to experience what it’s like to not have shoes, but to show that if we all unite and take the right steps – we can move the world. This year's local arm will take place at Bonifacio High Street, and will be hosted by the famous Walk This Way host from Intramuros himself, Carlos Celdran, in an interesting and new "tour."

If you need any more convincing, here's Troy Montero inviting you to be there. May 21, 4 PM, Track 30th Park, Bonifacio Global City. Save the date!

TOMS believes that if we tap the right people who genuinely want to make a difference and have them take the right step to make that happen, it’s not impossible to make this world a better place. Let’s have a world with people moving together, moving for one another, and moving to inspire each other.

To know more about One Day Without Shoes, please visit this link. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Subscribed:) so excited, new learnings for me. Honestly ms. Krissy it was just 2years ago when I started to learn about internet.Im a full time mom and now I really want to learn and experience many things. I do have goodreads also, and added your books. May I ask on how can I get your story?I want to start to read it but i dont know what to do:(


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