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04 May 2015

How was your long weekend? I hope it had been as lazy and non-productive as possible. (^_-)  These were my goals:

... and I'm happy to report that aside from the writing part (I'm currently stuck, yikes), I was able to accomplish everything!

I'm specially happy with the artworks I created.

Newly sharpened watercolor pencils
Take a Peek
I was wondering why it was taking too long to dry, until I realized it was the Holbein Silver watercolor that gives it its sheen
So prettyyyy
Beautiful accident
This is a mix of Pebeo Aquarelles in Cobalt Blue and Alizarine Crimson and Holbein Artists' Water Color in Silver, the main colors I used for my Take a Peek painting
It looks like an artwork in itself, though. Like a pretty version of Pitch from Rise of the Guardians 

Here is this week's Currently!


Alternative Alamat. I can only read at least one story per day because I no longer have the luxury of time, and I am so sad I can't read as much as I want.

My Spark NA novella. Things are looking grim at the moment because I'm stuck at 1,303 words. The minimum is 20,000, and with the June 6 deadline getting closer and closer self-doubt has started creeping in. I'm scared I won't be able to finish it. Still, I'd like to believe I have enough faith and chutzpah that I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

The Gambler and Light a Roman Candle with Me by Fun., because they sound like perfect songs for my characters Tanya and Nate.

... as per usual.

Excited and thrilled and panicked and anxious because the Sweet Complications bundle that contains Once Upon a Sticky Note is currently on a blog tour, so reviews have started coming in. THANK YOU! By the way, I have a giveaway for those who already have a copy of our ebook!

Life. No matter how crazy it gets. *wink*

For the next weekend to come soon! I'm going to Pahiyas with my dear friends!

To add more words to my Spark NA novella. To remember that [unlike what happened with Buqo YA] I cannot cram 20,000 words in four days. To finish Nate and Tanya's story.

... you all peace, love, and lip gloss!

Have a great week ahead, you! ♥


  1. Currently loving posts like these so much that I decided to adapt it for my blog! haha. That watercolor 'accident' is reallly pretty though. :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love

  2. Awesome! Gonna read your posts, too! ^_^

    Yes! I hope it happened on paper, though. Not on the palette, hehe.


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