Currently Vol. 1

05 January 2015

I have decided to write more this year, and that includes giving more attention to this blog without necessarily taking time away from the things I enjoy doing offline like reading and painting. I need to be more conscious of the time I waste idly lurking on social media and be more productive instead.

This was inspired by Bea's The Sunday Currently blog series. Writing more + documenting my life + going back to the roots of what blogging was about for me personally? Sign me up! Instead of Sundays though, I chose to write mine every Monday just so I have something to look forward to writing at the beginning of the week. And seriously, on Sundays I prefer relaxing and logging off from my online life. The goal is to write every week. However, I don't always have a positive response to routine so let's see how long I can keep this up.


Still Graeme Simsion's The Rosie Effect as I can only manage a couple of chapters each night before going to bed, but I'm expecting to finish it within the week. Though it seemed not to have captured my heart like the first one did (I find myself getting irked over Rosie in this sequel), it's still a funny and charming book. Don Tillman is so endearing.

My plans for the immediate future on my bright orange notebook and the things that made me smile on my Daykeeper.

The sound in the house when everyone else in the family's already sleeping.

Fijian Water Lotus from The Body Shop. I always layer the body lotion and eau de toilette; it makes the scent last for hours!

My comfy pajamas. Sleeping shortly after publishing this!

Of all the things (work tasks, personal chores, dream essentials, et cetera) I have to accomplish this week. Worrying is futile though, so I am compartmentalizing and organizing my to do's mentally instead.

Sleepy. It has been a long day and my bed is waiting.

The fact that I found a yellow umbrella after months of searching! It doesn't look exactly like the one Ted Mosby and The Mother share, but it's close!

To easily acquire knowledge on how something works after observing it for quite a while. It will definitely save a lot of time and effort!

To understand entrepreneurship.

I was back to being 18 and wishing I was older.

So there's my first Currently. I really hope I can sustain this until the end of the year just because it would be nice to see documented memories. ♥


  1. love this kind of blog post! I also promised myself to blog more this 2015. hope I can commit. Happy New year :)

  2. Thanks, Raych! I hope so, too! I was actually scared to check this post this morning because I was half-asleep when I was writing the last part haha. Happy new year! :)

  3. like i said on IG -- find a farhampton signage... ang ted mosby. <3

  4. Looking forward to more of your posts! :) Writing more is definitely a challenge, but I think the hardest step is getting yourself to actually start!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  5. I've always wanted to do a Sunday Currently but I also spend Sundays for lounging and relaxing at home. I might copy you and do a Currently post as well. :P

  6. It is! Now that I've started, I'm motivated to continue doing it until the end of the year! :)

  7. Go, Gen! I would love to read your entries ;)


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