Wake up and smell the roses

04 January 2015

Hello, I am Krissy, and I enjoyed the long holiday break immensely.

I have prepared a lot of movies to watch and books to read, but aside from managing to read only a couple of chapters from The Rosie Effect every night before bedtime I didn't really get to notice them. Neither did I face my laptop except for when I published blog entries.

All I did were eat, sleep, paint, and spend time with my family. It was awesome and this is the most rested I feel.

Work begins again tomorrow, though. 

We are preparing for two major events this month so I am somehow dreading the state of my work inbox, but I thrive on stress so we'll see how it plays out. I'm also excited because one of our clients is bringing us to Balesin towards the end of  January! I've started looking for cute swimsuits, hee.

Hopefully I can also blog more regularly. I only got to publish 174 entries in 2014 as opposed to 2013's 237, although I've always maintained that it's better I don't post than to come up with half-assed entries.

I'm excited to get to my cubicle again but I'm not looking forward to the traffic jam, fastfood for lunch, and waking up at 5 AM tomorrow. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Have a fun first work-week for 2015, you!

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