Welcome to the carnival!

16 January 2015

We are currently enjoying special non-working holidays in honor of the Papal visit to the Philippines and while I didn't personally join the throngs of people who went to get even just a glimpse of him, our TV has been glued to the live coverage since he arrived yesterday. May he have a peaceful and fruitful stay here.

In a short while I'll start getting ready for a slumber party with my friends, but right now I wanted to do a quick post here about the week that was. I went to work for only two days because I was scheduled to be on leave on Wednesday for my passport renewal, so I had to squeeze in a lot of to-dos in preparation for two major events we'll have later this month. Crossing my fingers both of them will be successful!

On Tuesday I took part in a shoot for Mat Magique, L'Oreal's newest oil control foundation that promises 12-hour matte perfection! It was such an honor to belong in a league of other beautiful women made up and shot by no less than BJ Pascual! I will share more photos from the shoot soon, but here's a peek:

I battled traffic and went out with my friends for late dinner and dessert that night, and although I had to remove my makeup before sleeping at around 11PM, I can attest to how Mat Magique held up even after six hours! I also have a review and a giveaway coming up so watch out for that. ;)

The next day, I made sure I wouldn't look dead in my passport photo so I took these essentials with me: Mat Magique in Golden Ivory, Colour Riche Lipcolor in Fairy Touch, Le Blush in Rosewood, and Super Liner Gelmatic Pen in Blue Force. Everything is by L'Oreal. I recently had my bangs botched by a fail fringe-trim job and it's taking its sweet time growing back so I also had my brows groomed by Browhaus. They're the best!

I didn't know why I was so worried, it took me less than 30 minutes to have my passport renewed in DFA - SM Manila! I hope more government functions get automated. Getting stuff done online = less time falling in line = more time for other important things.

Like window shopping.

After accomplishing what I originally went there to do, I walked around SM Manila. It was our go-to mall in college since it's just walking distance from my university. I loved this dress worn by the mannequin and wanted to buy it so badly because its watercolor print appealed to me, but I had to pass as I need to prioritize other things. My EQ is getting stronger, yay.

Later that night, my friends and I got together for Dianne's daughter Kaylee's birthday party. Kiddie parties with [young] adults are the best. They're the same friends I'm seeing tonight!

And since our non-working holidays started yesterday, I had time to make art. These are for my friends:

For Niel, because she loves The Little Mermaid
For Dianne, because she loves Cinderella
... and this is for myself:

Welcome to the carnival! Everyone is welcome! ♥  


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