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12 January 2015

I woke up yesterday determined to shake myself away from lethargy. Organizing my room never fails to clear my head and thus give way to new ideas, but it had to be postponed as our house started undergoing through repairs.

On the bright side, I created art!

I tried to distract myself from the constant noise of hammers and construction by imagining I was floating away... preferably in a hot air balloon made out of fragrant flowers. Anyway, here is this Monday's Currently!


Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking, Amy Poehler's Yes Please, and Jenny Han's To All the Boys I've Loved Before. I have been trying to finish the first two for about a month now but I can't seem to do it fast enough. Not because I didn't like them - I don't know, I have found that I don't go through non-fiction as quickly as I do fiction. The third one is a recommended reading for Buqo YA class I have decided to take part in. I found the first couple of chapters okay but I'm finding myself getting irritated by the main character Lara Jean, who tells the story in first person point of view. Maybe I'm okay with some YA (I LOVE Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan), and others, eh, not so much.

An introduction for myself to send to my classmates for the Buqo YA class but as you know, I am terrible at describing myself. Do I even use a pseudonym (I haven't even decided what I will use, if any) or do I just stick with my real name?

Pre-American Idol Jennifer Lopez. I was on my way home last Thursday when Hold You Down played on the radio, and I remembered how much I liked most of her songs from way back.

The Kiele Anti-Mosquito Green Tea Room Spray. It just smells so good!

Less jeans, more skirts and dresses.

Of the billion things I need to do before our trip to Balesin. I am going there for work at the end of the month and I am so excited! I need new swimsuits, hopefully a new pair of contact lens, and a bikini wax!

Thrilled that my dear friend Dianne is back in Manila for a short vacation! Niel and I will meet her later and I can't wait!

I'm also excited for the coming extra-long weekend! January 15, 16,  and 19 were declared Special Non-working Holidays in observance of the Papal visit!

My new blog banner and color scheme! Do you?

To get the answer I am referring to here:

To get sorted out so I can finally put my biggest goal for this year in motion. This is a huge deal so please cross your fingers for me!

That the process for my passport renewal this Wednesday will be quick and hassle-free. Crossing my fingers that it will be as easy as other people have told me it'll be!

Have a great week ahead, you! ♥ 

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