New year, new hair?

30 December 2013

Are you looking to have a hair makeover in time for the new year but don't know what hairstyle to try yet? This post might inspire you.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a Hair Workshop care of Toni&Guy held in the Toni&Guy Salon in SM Aura. This was before I had my hair colored so don't be surprised that my hair's black in the photos heehee.

In the workshop, we were presented the four major holiday hair trends as presented in London Fashion Week. This reinforces the point that our hair is part and parcel of our wardrobe and personality and however we style our hair should complement what we wear and how we wear it. Hair Meet Wardrobe, indeed.

Post-Party Tousle – Bedhead takes the stage with a lease on the effortless type of sexy. A generous of dose of Toni&Guy’s Sea Salt Spray provides the right feathery texture from a romp in the sheets. Paired with a staple leather jacket and a pair of beat-up jeans, this set redefines the after party. 
New Wave Idol – Glossy waves take the town with lots of polish. A swipe of Toni&Guy’s Shine Gloss Serum soothes flyways and frizz while providing a dose of classic cool. Pull hair into a low ponytail or an up-to-there bun to suit mid-calf skirts and the crisp sweater weather. 
70’s Screen Siren – Old Hollywood is making a comeback with voluminous waves and amplified shine. Smooth on some of Toni&Guy’s Volume Plumping Mousse and curl inch-wide sections of hair with some hot rollers. Top it off with a spritz of Toni&Guy’s Moisturizing Shine Spray, a slinky black dress, and a hot red lip. 
Bad Girl Sweep – Punk goes the distance with highly stylized locks. Toni&Guy’s Texturizing Glue provides the extreme hold needed for gravity-defying looks. Slick a rocking pompadour over clashing prints and skintight jeans to capture that don’t-mess-with-me attitude. 
Matt Max – Something’s appealingly off-kilter about this season’s razor cuts. Get the same piece-y definition with Toni&Guy’s Styling Pomade from the Men’s Collection. Prep for the day with contrasting plaid knits and the perfect leather boots, don’t forget those layers.
Poster girls for Toni&Guy's collections: Kira for Glamour, Carizza for Classic, and Alex and me for Creative ^_^
Here are more photos:

Alex and her Creative mullet-slash-pompadour, Paul looking like Ken doll, and me
Two Barbies and Ken!
Carizza's Classic ponytail, Paul, and Kira's donya-vibes Glamour waves
Blooming Shen with her Glamour curls
We had the same activity the next day, this time with a different set of bloggers.

Sarah's Casual Alexa Chung-inspired 'do and Raiza's old Hollywood Glamour look
Arnie looking pretty with her Glamour curls
Tin and her Creative side-swept twist
I got my hair styled Creative-ly for both days, and here're the results:

How do you like it?

You know what the best thing about these hairstyles is? If we don't include shampoo, the whole process took less than ten minutes! We literally came in, had our hair styled, and came out without them having to cut our hair! It just goes to show that when it comes to makeovers, you don't really need to make any drastic changes; you can work with what you already have and have a fab hairstyle so long as you have the right products and tools! In this case, the right Toni&Guy products. Having said that, here are the products the stylists used on me:

Toni&Guy Volume Plumping Mouuse, used while the hair is still wet. Toni&Guy Flexible Hold Hairspray, for maximum hold without weighing the hair down, and Toni&Guy Styling Fibre for added texture
Here's a closer look on the four main collections of Toni&Guy together with style suggestions:

If you see me regularly, you might have noticed that ever since I attended this Hair Workshop, I haven't left the house in my hair's natural state (read: an oxymoron state of being limp yet big at the same time). I wake up extra early in the morning so that I'll have time to blowdry and style it. I will also post my current hair essentials so watch out for that. ;)

For the meantime, happy new year guys, and happy deciding what hairstyle to have this 2014!

Toni &Guy products are currently available at select Watsons outlets.

Disclosure: I work in PR and Toni&Guy is one of our clients but all opinions are my own.

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