04 December 2013

In a recent study commissioned by Dove that gathered women from Southeast Asia concentrating in the Philippines to uncover The Real Truth About Beauty, they found out that “only seven percent of Filipina women regard themselves as actually being beautiful.” The findings show a common thread: an enlivened perspective and an attuned sense of self-awareness. The results proved refreshingly positive with healthy valuations when it came to beauty, but this particular figure stumped them. How can only seven percent out of an entire nation of genuine beauties regard themselves as beautiful?

When I was in my teens, I used to be very insecure of the way I looked. I hated that I have to wear eyeglasses all the time, I hated my thick and unmanageable hair, I hated that I was too skinny, and I hated my braces as I imagined it made me look like Betty Suarez, only skinnier!

Photo from 2006
I loved  my clear skin, dimples, eyebrows, tiny waist, long lashes, and the fact I can eat a lot without gaining weight. Also, even though my hair is unmanageable, I love that it's so thick and lush. I am actually tempted to grow it out again. What do you think?

Hello, I didn't mean to interrupt your scrolling. I just wanted to say that you're beautiful.

I used to collect a lot of fashion magazines filled with unhealthy depictions of what society deems as beautiful, ergo what the society expects us to look like - but I am smart enough to know that it's all smoke and mirrors. My self-esteem is strong enough to withstand all these tall, gorgeous, glowing women on the magazine covers. ;)

As I got older, I became more comfortable in my own skin and learned to appreciate what I have. I identified the features I liked and highlighted them even more. At the same time, I pursued my passions and started on a more holistic approach to self-improvement.

I am part of the 7%. In the words of Dove, "I am beautiful, I deserve only the best products, and I can reach my full beauty potential by genuinely caring for myself. I do not need to live up to any standard because I am beautiful in my own right, lovely in my uniqueness, and captivating in my strength."

Stop beating yourself up with doubts and criticisms. Be counted among the Filipinas who appreciate their own brand of beauty and let the #IAmBeautiful Movement be your voice in proclaiming this fresh perspective of loving, living, and being beautiful. Be part of the movement and take a stand for real beauty!
Tell the world about your new lease on beauty by liking Dove on Facebook. Then, change your profile pic with the "I am Beautiful" image. Finally, upload a photo on any of your social media accounts holding an #IAmBeautiful sign with the same hashtag on the caption. Spread the word, share the love, acknowledge the beauty in others, and more importantly, believe that you are beautiful yourself.
Let's realign our perspective and change the way us women see beauty. I wish I can talk to my teenage self and tell her she doesn't have anything to be insecure about, but since that is not possible I'll just make sure I won't slip and doubt myself in the future in the same way I did before. There will be "ugly days", of course, especially when I am PMS-ing. But then again, there is nothing that a swipe of lipstick can't fix.

Hi. I hope you feel beautiful today, every day. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


  1. The Girl in StilettoDecember 5, 2013 at 5:03 AM

    krissy kreme! I actually miss your long hair =D either way, you always look pretty :)

  2. Thank you, Lizzybeb! I miss my long hair, too. But all my friends here say short hair suits me better so IDK. Might resort to wigs for those days I miss having longer hair too much LOL.

    And you are beautiful, too. ♥

  3. Krissy! You are gorgeous, inside and out! <3

  4. You are too sweet. Thanks, Mel! You are beautiful, too!


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