Dreaming of a Brownie Christmas

17 December 2013

I am not a chocoholic per se but I do love me a good batch of brownies. Meanwhile, my mom and siblings are huge chocoholics and brownie-lovers that whenever I bring home a box of Brownies! Unlimited (which are their absolute favorite), they'd end up fighting over it, albeit playfully. Imagine their delight when I took these home:

Are you curious about those packs of Brownie Chips? Well, imagine your favorite brownies. And then, imagine them being flattened very thinly and then made a little bit more brittle. Can you visualize it now? Great! The new Brownie Chips are actually the very first of its kind that I've seen, and I love it because it's so yummy and chocolate-y. Not too sweet, it's just right. If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can pick up a pack (or two, or more!) at all Brownies! Unlimited branches nationwide. 

Excellent companion in the office conference room, TBH.
My friends and I enjoying the Brownie Chips
This photo was taken last Friday so my hair wasn't red yet. ^_^
And here's the most important news of all! Aside from the existing flavors of brownies we know and love, Brownies! Unlimited has added TWELVE new flavors to their menu!

Click the photo for a bigger look, you know you want to!

My favorite is the Red Velvet. I always make sure I get dibs on it every time I take home a box. These would make excellent gifts to your friends and colleagues, too! Flexible, too. Here are the boxes available together with their price points as a guide:

  • Box of 4 for P90.00 - Red Velvet, Choc O' Malt, Sunburst, Kriss Kross
  • Box of 6 for P120.00 - Rocky Road, Mississippi, Walnut Swirl, Potato Strings, Choc O' Chips, S'mores
  • Box of 10 for P150.00 - Two pieces each of Black & White, Mississippi, Sunbursts, Kriss Kross, and Rocky Road
  • Box of 12 for P220.00 - One piece each of all variants
The Box of 12 is the most sulit of all, don't you think so? You can also buy boxes of Red Velvet-everything or Choc O' Malt-everything, whatever you want, depending on your preference, but they will be sold per piece.

You can also post photos of yourself enjoying your brownie moments on Facebook and Instagram and get a chance to win ten boxes of 12 for you and your friends! Just don't forget to tag Brownies! Unlimited and use the hashtag #BrowniesUnlimitedPH to qualify.

It's a bad idea to write this post at 10 in the evening as I am madly craving for a box right now huhu. Must drop by SM Makati to get myself a box at Brownies! Unlimited tomorrow!
Brownies! Unlimited

Disclosure: I work in PR and Brownies! Unlimited is one of our clients but all opinions are my own. I really do love brownies.

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