What if I take a step back?

06 October 2013

I love letting my fingers fly across the keyboard and publish blog posts online in the same way that I love putting pen to paper and writing down my thoughts. Lately though, updating my blog has become feeling more like a chore than something I dedicate time and effort for because I love doing it.

It's not that I don't have anything to blog about. Lord knows I have more than enough backlogs to last me twice the length of my lifetime, but I don't feel like posting them because most of them are product reviews and event recaps, and I feel it would be unfair to them if I produce halfhearted posts just for the sake of posting something. It's also not as if I don't have more "personal" things to write. A friend gave me three(!!!) writing challenges and I really want to do them, but they need to be contemplated on more thoroughly and so I would need to commit more time to be able to accomplish them.

To be honest, I fear that as much as I fight it, the claim my anonymous commenter made last year holds more truth to it now.

I just want to go back to that time when blogging was more fun, when there was no pressure to belong in any niche, and it was a passionate and supportive community where everyone is welcomed and accepted into the fold.

I guess I should get my writing journal out of my bottom drawer and continue that short story/ novella/ novel I have been putting off.

I'm taking a break. Guest posts are welcome.


  1. I'll wait for your comeback Krissy. :)

  2. Thanks, Claire! That really means a lot! ♥

  3. Oh. But you can always write about your reflections every episode of HIMYM. We're all hanging by the edge of our seats on this final season...

  4. aww krissy, it's sad but I can totally relate :( I have like gazilions of things running in my mind to be written down in a blog post but somehow the excitement is gone I'm not sure why... well there are a lot to it, like somehow even the existence of twitter and other social media affect us to write more but less... ah, I miss our old posts too, where we all talk about what we feel and what we think, after all, that's what brought me to you (and you to me too?) but lately it's been a little too hard for me to write about those, ah... maybe it's the age? lol... I surely hope we can all go back to where we were, or rejoicing in the excitement of sharing stories, feelings, and thoughts ^^ let's go there together~!


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