Murphy's Law: Space Edition

15 October 2013

I've just seen Gravity on IMAX 3D (thanks, Alvin! ^_^) and, WOW, it knocked me right off my socks!

Overwhelming and breathtaking, emotionally gripping, beautifully shot (seriously, it feels like walking into a photograph!), and wonderfully acted, Gravity is a superb film that reminded me  not that I need it  why I love watching movies. George Clooney is charming and great as empathetic Matt Kowalski but Sandra Bullock is the real star as Dr. Ryan Stone. Every desperate breath and unanswered cry for help added with that unnerving feeling of isolation and strength of human spirit were communicated clearly by her beautiful brown eyes that it almost made me want to shout out and cheer her on. She is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses and I am so glad that Angelina Jolie refused this role (twice!) as I feel she wouldn't have been able to match Ms. Congeniality's (yep, still my favorite role of Sandra Bullock's hee) solid acting chops.

Did you know that one of my eleventy thousand childhood dreams was to be an astronaut? Nothing came out of it obviously, but even now, on beautiful nights, I still love staring at the stars and admiring the moon. I mean, who doesn't? More than anything, it puts things in perspective and makes you appreciate life more, yes?

And just because I am a huge sucker for trivia:
The length of the film is 90 minutes. It just so happens that the ISS travels at approximately 17,500 mph which takes it around the Earth in 90 minutes. In the course of the movie, the station makes one complete orbit in real life. (source)
You, sirs  Alfonso and Jonas Cuaron, Emmanuel Lubezki, and David Heyman, together with all the names in the credits  are amazing. I am so stoked I didn't miss out, I don't even care about any scientific inaccuracies others are bleating about. What an incredible movie viewing experience. There's no other way to watch it than in IMAX 3D, my friends, so if it's still showing this week, I recommend that you catch it!

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