I'm a walking mood ring.

31 October 2013

October 28 was declared a Special Non-working Holiday because of the Barangay Elections but I still went to work. It was a fun work-day though because we helped launch MANGO's new flagship store in SM Mall of Asia.

Since Rica was on her honeymoon that time, my boss Jenny hired someone, Hanna, to help us. Far and I liked her instantly because she's a very nice girl and it's so easy to talk to her. (She also co-owns swimwear brand Cesa, check out their super pretty pieces here!)

Hanna, Far, and me ♥
Hanna can also read auras. She said that all of us has every color in the spectrum somewhere inside our aura, but one or two colors are more prominent than others. When she first read ours, Far's was yellow (full of inner joy, very generous and not attached to anything) while mine was navy blue (balanced existence, sustaining life, eased nerve system, transmitting forces and energy) and green (restful state and healing). After a while though, she said that mine changed to pink (perfect balance between spiritual awareness and the material existence)! Today, when Rica and I met her for lunch, she said my aura's color was turquoise (dynamic quality of being, highly energized personality, capable of projection, influencing other people) but it changed to orange (uplifting and absorbing; inspiring) towards the end of the meal! Hanna said changing colors is normal, but she has never seen someone like me whose aura changes that frequently and quickly! I've always been expressive of what I feel and I guess that also translates to my aura; even my friend Allen told me it's proof of my dynamic personality. I'm a walking mood ring!

Moving along, these are the things that made my week.

Watching the final trailer of Catching Fire, seeing my friends, meeting a lot of bloggers for the first time, meeting Hanna, dessert, late night drive home while '90s songs blast from the radio

My MANGO Rock It Up outfit
Jacket - Britney Spears for Candie's | Dress - SM Teens' Wear | Shoes - schu
Giant surprises, tears from laughing too much, yellow wedges, having Rica back in the office, pasalubong from Thailand, fun brand immersions

Thank you, Oishi!
Would you like to win your own giant Oishi gift pack? Join my giveaway!
Tank top - SOLO | Wedges - The Little Things She Needs
Hunger Games necklace and charm bracelets - Trinkets for Keeps
We thought it was just a simple meeting with a client, but Tokyo Tokyo ended up feeding us. A LOT. I wasn't able to eat dinner anymore that night.
My pretty pens ♥ Thanks, Rica!
Having clothes from the Kids' section that still fit, intimate events, talking about my favorite things with some of my favorite bloggers

Jacket - NEXT | Spaghetti-strapped top - Freeway
Pants - SM Kids' Fashion | Necklace - Forever21
I've been chosen as one of MAGGI Philippines' influencers and was sent these so I can share recipes with you guys and cook them. You know you can ask me anything about books and movies but kitchen-speak is my weakness. Nevertheless, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
Fun lunch with fun people, rainbow colors

What's in my bag?
Baon from Oishi!
Jeans - Miss Sixty | Flats - Parisian
Agate bracelet and Harry Potter-inspired charm bracelet - Trinkets for Keeps
Hanna's post-birthday lunch at Poco Deli
Insert Far here ♥
Home-made red velvet ice cream from Poco Deli
Sweet dreams are made of this.
New polishes from Caronia
Rainbow colors
I wonder what my aura's next colors will be.

Happy long Halloween weekend, you guys! Have a blessed and peaceful All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, as well. ♥

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  1. Hi Krissy,

    It was nice seeing you! Thank you so much for having me to the MANGO Fashion Show. It was definitely a great show. :-)
    I love your dress!
    I wish to win your Oishi Giveaway! It would be really cool to have that huge package of Oishi. My kids would love it so much!
    I love the pretty colors from Caronia :-) You are truly blessed indeed!~


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