Frizzy Krissy no more

29 October 2013

As I have already written several times before, I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I love that it's lush and thick, but I hate that it somehow gets a life of its own and becomes almost impossible to manage when I neglect to put any styling product on it. Seriously, when can I have that "just rolled out of bed" look that other girls (like my friend/ officemate Far) always seem to pull off so well? #meandmyproblems Because I'm the type of girl who'd rather spend time pursuing other interests than worrying about my hair's state of affairs, I had it cut short two years ago and never looked back. I have to say I miss my long hair sometimes, though. It's the stuff that Throwback Thursdays are made of.

My hair is easier to maintain now although frizz is still a common occurrence "upstairs", so when my boss asked me to look for someone with short {and frizzy} hair to volunteer and have a Japanese Blowout done at JuRo Salon Exclusif to remove frizz, I have no shame in saying I did not hesitate to volunteer myself. If you remember my old post, JuRo is managed by the Philippines' top hair artists: hairstylist Jude and colorist Rose. They have already made a name for themselves with years of providing topnotch hair and beauty services to clients who are not willing to compromise the quality of their locks as well as training most of the country's top hairstylists today.

Brazilian Blowout has been around for a while now, but what exactly is a Japanese Blowout? Sir Jude said that, "just because hair is glossy doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s in the pink of health." What the method targets is the structure itself, improving the overall texture and quality to eliminate frizz and damage. If you have met me in person, you know that I have crazy frizzy hair. Are you excited to see the results?

I went there last Friday and, well, let's take a look at the photos.

Scraggly, uneven, unhealthy hairrr
The practice is composed of an initial 5-10 minute softening phase, involving the application of a Thioglycerine-rich solution, followed by a blow-dry and ironing to seal the nutrients within strands.

Miss Rose and very hands-on and applied the solution on my hair herself.

I was advised the process will take not more than 90 minutes since my hair is short, but even those with longer locks will not spend more than two hours having the treatment done. Everyone who tries it is guaranteed to have lustrous, manageable, and frizz-free tresses with the effects lasting for three to five months.

While waiting for the treatment to work its magic, I asked for a photo with Bianca Gonzalez who incidentally was also there having her hair cut and colored. I got a kick out of knowing that she remembered meeting me at another event!

I love her mauve-colored hair and purple highlights!
Are you ready to see the results? Dun dun dun dunnn...


My hair was noticeably smoother and finer-looking, but maybe that's just because it's still wet? Well, Miss Rose asked Sir Jude to cut my hair as well, and who am I to say no to that? Ladies and gents, the finished finished product:

Do you like my new hair? Because I DO! Here is what it looked like at the MANGO event yesterday:

It's so easy to maintain, and unlike other hair treatments, you can already wet your hair the day after! To ensure maximum longevity, JuRo Salon Exclusif recommends a care regimen similar to that for color-treated hair, with sulphate-free shampoos and weekly masques. Oh man, I wish this style and state can last on me forever!

Thank you so much, Sir Jude and Miss Rose!
I am Frizzy Krissy no more ^_^
The JuRo Japanese Blowout is exclusively available at Juro Salon Exclusif in Unit # 2D Kensington Place, 1st Avenue corner 29th Street, Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The treatment and haircut are given to me for free but all opinions are my own.


  1. I like it! :)

  2. it looks great on you. And I love your outfit to the event. :)

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