The week I ran out of interesting things to say.

12 January 2013

Wow. I think that was the longest time I went without writing a new entry. On purpose. I still visit this space every day but I don't know, I haven't had the heart to publish something new. To those who still visit this blog even when there are no new updates, thank you!

Ever get those days when you feel like you've lost the will or energy to live? I have. But then I remember all the books in my bookshelf that I haven't read yet and quickly snap out of it.

Only half-kidding about that bit y'all. I know I still have a lot to live for, but sometimes everything just feels so tiring and I can't keep up with all the changes that have been happening.

Okay, this is not meant to be depressing. The other day, on my way home, I realized that I don't get birthday blues (I've always maintained that I get birthday pinks - birthdays make me happy); I get January blues. I know the beginning of the year is always a cause for celebration, of renewed hope, of clean slates. But after all the noise and merry-making, all I'm left with are anxious panicky feelings and nervous jitters that another year will pass and everything and everyone around me will change and I will remain the same: the girl who's contently floating through life, who doesn't know what she wants, and how would she get what she wants if she doesn't know what it is?

I have some friends who are unhappy with their jobs and are planning to move to another career or another field, and when they asked me what my plans are, the only definite answer I can give was that I'm happy with where I am right now and I have no plans of changing things up anytime soon. What, I just took the leap, remember? Should I feel guilty that I'm happy with where I am? Am I doing myself a disservice if I say I am content with the way things are going? Don't fix what ain't broken, I've always said.

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer and sharing my sad January blues with you, but I'm glad to have let those off my chest. Here's a photo of Ninja (who I have yet to name. What names do ninjas have, anyway?), my phone Zippy's friend and companion. Ha ha it's an earphone plug cap I got online.

More fun posts soon, I promise. I hope you're enjoying the weekend!

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