Herro, I'm a Neeenja!

22 January 2013

My favorite thing about the Internet is how it has made the world smaller and my circle of friends, bigger. Kym is one of the best people I met in the blogging community, never mind that she lives in Canada and I, in the Philippines. We got the chance to meet in person when she and her husband Winmark came here for a quick vacation back in 2011, and I was even invited to their post-wedding reception.

Kym designs and sells shirts in her shop named Herro Hachi, and after lemming about it for a while, I'm happy to say I am now a proud owner of a Herro piece!

I got it last Saturday 
Thankfully we've been enjoying a colder-than-usual weather for the past couple of weeks  it enables my love for pullovers. This is what I wore to the office today:

Neeenja pullover - Herro Hachi | Skirt - Freeway | Booties - PILL

I LOVE pullovers and quirky things (Kym makes funny, fashionable!), so this is definitely a winner for me. Plus, because it's loose it can also be worn as a one-shoulder top. Aaand it's so soft and feels so comfortable, I'm sure I will wear it to death that the cost-per-wear would be negligible ha ha. I was supposed to pair it with dark skinny jeans and black boots but then I figured the day already looked somber as it is, so I decided to wear something [dressier] with a pop of color, thus the red fitted skirt.

Another great thing about buying the pullover? 

A portion of all sales goes to Gentle Hands, Inc. in Manila. To find out more information about them or to donate to them directly, please click here. Thanks for this initiative, Kym. You're awesome.

I love seeing my friends happy and successful in their chosen paths, and nothing gives me more joy than showing support to their endeavors. I know passion when I see it, and Kym is definitely one of the most vibrant and passionate people I know. There are lots of other designs available (four new designs have just been released, actually), so please visit Herro Hachi's official website and Facebook page to check them out now. ;)


  1. Madalas na din akong naka-sweater ngayon. Lamig!

    PS. Didn't know na maganda pala ang sweater + pencil cut skirt combination. I hope mag-succeed ang project ng friend mo. Nakaka-inspire. :)

  2.  AHHHH, i love love love how you styled it!!! Thanks for the pics and the blog post Krissy, i'll be sharing them this week or next! :) XOXOXOX

  3. Why does that girl spell her name wrong???  lol
    Kym is one in a million, you can't help but be happy for her as she builds her business.


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