Borrowed lives

19 January 2013

Why do books and movies affect me so much? Whenever I read a brilliantly-written book or watch a wonderfully-crafted movie, I end up being so immersed with the characters' lives that I feel like I am really living in their world with them. This proves to be a problem when something sad happens to the characters: because I identify with them, I end up sympathizing with them to the point that my mood for the next few days becomes affected by the fate the author or screenwriter has chosen for them. It's like living in another dimension for a while, like a borrowed life.

Today I saw Les Miserables with my old housemate Asther and even though I already knew how the story ends, I still couldn't help feeling miserable.

The somber mood did not leave me even after we've had my favorite Baker's Hat from White Hat, what up?
Why is the world so cruel?

I'm sorry, I was supposed to write a review for both the book and movie versions of The Silver Linings Playbook but now... I don't know. Maybe I can watch Daria for the meantime and attempt to write the review tomorrow when Fantine's misfortune and Eponine's heartbreak do not haunt me as much.

See you later?


  1. me too! Books and films affected me so much, so so so much!!! >___< I mean, I know there's this good book out there, a really good, and recommended one, but I just can't bring myself to read it because everyone keeps hinting that the ending is a sad one, that we will be affected for at least a week after reading the ending... now how can I read that? If it affect normal people for a week, what will happen to me??? so I have this soft copy version of it but never really dare to read it... :|

  2. Hi dear please do like this page :) thanks

  3. I'm pretty sure I have lots of books lying around my house that I've never gotten around to reading just yet because of this problem. Glad I'm not alone in this!


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