Week: Days and Ends

27 January 2013

Weekdays are for work and acting all mature and responsible. Since I have a carpool service that makes my daily commute so much easier, I am normally the first to arrive in the office at not later than 7:45 AM. My daily routine upon sitting on my desk include checking emails and social media accounts of our clients, reading my "morning paper" The Daily Mail (a habit from my old job I haven't outgrown yet, sorry) and sharing things I found interesting over Twitter, and working on calendars. It's a fun job that doesn't get boring because I learn something new with every webpage I visit.

Now weekends... Weekends are for me. Sometimes I make plans with friends to hang out, sometimes I spend it with family. This past weekend though has been spent enjoying two quiet days at the Yellow House (also known as my Aunt Jean's house in Malinta where she lives with my grandparents and cousins while her husband works abroad) and enjoying my cousins' and my Kindle Max's company.

Some snaps:

My cousin Jerico
I decided to make a quick visit to Oz
but got distracted by these chocolates from Villa del Conte
so I played with Baby Gab instead.
My Sunday morning consisted of Ellen Degeneres' Seriously... I'm Kidding and floral pajamas. This is the life.
Pink rose 
More playtime with the little tyke
... while enjoying The Happiness Project, a glass of Milo Overload, and Iced Gems.
I also got to organize the books I intend to sell. Here's a sneak peek.
Another busy workweek begins again tomorrow, particularly because we have a HUGE event coming up. Good thing it'll happen on Monday, better to get this thing over with, right? Here's a peek to what my officemates have been working hard on for the last two months. Wish us luck!



  1. Nakaka-inggit ang Kindle mo! Hehe. We can never get enough of our gadget lusts, noh?

    Ang dami mo nang books!

  2. Get one na rin, I swear it blew me away the first time I used it! Parang "where have you been all my life" ang drama :D

    Nako that's not even a tenth of my books. It's just the pile of books I've decided to let go of and sell :)

  3. Definitely wish you good luck with your work event! I'm living the same life right now - during the week it's all busy/responsible, but during the weekend, that's my time :D hope this week goes by quickly so you can enjoy the weekend!

  4. Thanks Nikolett! The event was a huge success! :D


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