Krissyfied X Swan Lake Accessories giveaway!

21 January 2013

Wearing the right accessories is the easiest way to lend inspiration and a little bit of spunk to an otherwise blah outfit, and I cannot tell you how many pieces I've collected already. I gave you a peek months ago, but I have also amassed a lot since then so I think I should post a more updated one soon.

A couple of weeks ago my college classmate and friend Abby set up her own online shop selling accessories, and they're all so pretty and inexpensive that it was quite difficult for me to control myself from buying everything! We met up for lunch last week so she could give me my orders, and here they are!

All from Swan Lake Accessories
Would you believe that everything cost only P355?
Her pieces are srsly super affordable.
Jasmine necklace
I got this the minute she uploaded it because it reminded me of Google Chrome.
LOL what a nerd.
Mustache necklace :{)
Black bow arm candy
Check out the rest of her stuff here and get your load of pretty accessories at low prices!

Now since I love sharing my love for pretty little things, how about a giveaway? ;) I am giving this Swan Lake Accessories goodie bag away to one winner:

The goodie bag contains these:

Sophia necklace
I swear the photo doesn't do this justice. This necklace is super pretty IRL I have half a mind to claim this as my own.
Phoebe bib necklace
Elegant and classy
Yellow Mustache necklace
Fun and spunky
A pair of Floral Fabric earrings
Shabby chic, I love.
To join, just check this Rafflecopter widget out. Some of the steps are not mandatory, but it is advisable you do them too so you can get more entries. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway, Abby! Contest ends on February 4, after which winner will be announced shortly. I will ship the prize to the winner, so please note that this contest is open for Philippine residents only. Thanks and have a great week ahead!

PS: I know some of the comments of those who've joined are not showing up. Sorry about that, but I've been having problems with Disqus recently. I'd get rid of it if I could, but I still need to find a way to make sure the comments in my other posts won't be deleted. Anyway, don't worry if you post a comment and it doesn't show up, I receive email notifications of all comments anyway. Thanks! :)

This giveaway has ended!
Congratulations SOPHIA BELLE!
You won my Swan Lake Accessories giveaway!
Please wait for my email so I can get your shipping details.
Big thanks to everyone who joined and stay tuned for more giveaways!


  1. wearing accessories makes any girl look more elegant..dashing..but sometimes it depends on how you will accessorize yourself
    arra odeza
    odeza.arra@yahoo:disqus .com

  2. Joining!!! I hope I win so that we can meet again! :D

  3. Accessories are like mirrors. It reflects the personality of the person, sometimes even the mood. And what I love most about accessories is that it beef-up the confidence within us, even during those simplest moments.

    Lora Maria Teresa Esguerra

  4. It gives spice even to the simplest clothes that a girl could wear in a day!! It also boost up confidence :)

    Theodemae Maliza

  5. These accesories are awesome,. I reaaly want that ppllleeaassee!!

    Lalaine Alarcon

  6. awesome giveaway dear,
    thanks for this.

    Katrina Maryse Villanueva
    ---♔ keyti of brushesandpens

  7. I can never leave the house without wearing an accessory. It's a must have in every outfit since its part of the package. =) 

    Krystal Pearl Braga

  8. What I like most about wearing these kinds of accessories is that I can wear simple or plain dresses and just wear accessories as design :D

    Maria Louella Dalistan
    ella.dalistan@gmail:disqus .com

  9. Wearing accessories gives style and emphasis to my outfit. If not, it is the thing that makes me noticeable and presentable at times.

    Marie Dancia Castro
    mariedanicia @ yahoo . com

  10. I like wearing accessories because it is a form of style statement. It enhances my looks as the wearer. For me, Accessories symbolizes love, delight and fashion sense. I really like to wear accessories especially if it has a sentimental value...  
    Name: Aysen Achurra Asuero


  11. I like wearing accessories because it gives life to our style. It is a must-have to complete our fashion statement from day-to-day. And of course it gives color and mushed-up our style for a good looking. 

    Name: Rochelle Ostonal

  12. I like wearing accessories because it completes my outfit. :)
    Rejj Sibayan

  13. Wearing accessories is must do. It gives more style with your simple outfit. :)
    Tricia Ladiana

  14. Being fashionable is not all about the outfit, it's about the confidence to wear it! :)

    Lifli Marie A. Lucas

  15. Being fashionable is not all about the outfit, it's about the confidence to wear it! :)
    Lifli Marie A.

  16. The accessories are speaking and expressing our thoughts sometimes, the freedom to shuffle and mix it feels great  :) Girls called it ART also, art of mixing patterns and VOILA! A beautiful masterpiece after :)

    Name: Rizza Joy Vista

  17. i like that it can totally change your outfit

  18. Accessories does the magic! no matter how simple the accessories paired with a simple tee, you will always get an awesome outfit and a beautiful you! <3 

    Lucia Anne Sacro 

  19. I love wearing accessories because it's an easy way to dress up and change an outfit. A right accessories can make a clothing choice stand out and give it that extra something it may have been missing... Also, Accessories further emphasize my personal style, taste, and preferences. They also present endless opportunities for my outfits, helping myself make the best of each and every item I own. On the other hand, Clothing may physically take up more space in my closet and outfit, but accessories are the important details needed to complete my look.  Above all, Thanks to accessories, I can create a flowing wave of my own style from head to toe...

    Cora Bella Asuero

  20. Why do I love wearing accesories? Simple. It brightens any outfit. So I stand out, look good, be bold. :)

    Janice Que

  21. what i like the most about wearing accessories, coz is an  items which i used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer's outfit. ;)

    Chinly Arimbuyutan

  22. christine tabin
    i love wearing accessories to look more attractive :)


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