Introducing Lady Fabrize

28 October 2009

My sister is doing okay now and will come home from the hospital later so I guess I should not feel guilty about writing this post. Ü

The day I have been waiting for since this post has come! Last Saturday I went to the office beaming, knowing I would have something special later in the day. My officemates were all cheering for me because they know I really want one and have been waiting for this day for so long,. Well, except for Sasha, who was still questioning why I prefer a netbook over a laptop (haha!), but I have already made up my mind.

When the clock struck two I was already rushing out the door but Dane said he'd be a little delayed because he needs to have the aircon in his car repaired. So I waited, fidgety and impatient. He arrived half past two and off we went to Greenhills Shopping Center. I would have preferred Cyberzone but he said we should just go to Greenhills because he is also thinking whether he'd get a PSP. Yes my friends, he mulled over buying a Sony PSP for three loooong years, and until that moment he still hasn't decided. Isn't he the cutest? :D

In the car he handed me my 13th month pay he withdrew via my ATM card that I gave him the day before. (My 13th month pay literally just grazed my hand before I gave it to the sales assistant where I bought my netbook from.) We reached V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center by 3:30PM.

Anyway, after browsing at the different shops selling computers and computer accessories, I finally decided to get my netbook from Datacore Computer Systems. The saleswoman who assisted us was very helpful and answered all my questions. I chose among the LE Pop Art, pink and white. I have already thought it over days prior and decided on getting a white one because I don't like the plastic-y finish of the pink model (even though I am a lover of all things pink). I also liked the LE Pop Art but I know I would just get tired of its design at one point (I change my phone's theme every week) and it's not too practical to have it skinned for a new design everytime because the design extends over to the keyboard. Not such a good idea if I want a leopard print skin, yes? I chose white because it goes with everything :)

Everyone, meet Lady Fabrize.

still inside the box
with free Lenovo Ideapad case

white Lenovo Ideapad S10-2

package includes power adapter, battery charger, battery pack, and manuals
with free Lenovo Ideapad case and Globe Tattoo prepaid (will have to be claimed from Lenovo's office in Makati)

with the power turned on

my fingers on the keyboard

Specs (as copied here and here) are:
  • 1.6GHz N270 Intel Atom Processor
  • 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz
  • Windows XP Home Edition (SP3)
  • 10.1" WSVGA Glossy LED-backlit display with integrated camera 1024x600
  • 160GB 5400rpm Western Digital Scorpio Blue hard drive
  • Intel GMA 950 Integrated Graphics
  •  Headphone Input Jacks 
  •  Mic Input Jack
  • Broadcom 11b/g Wi-Fi wireless
  • MMC/ SD card reader
  •  Twin Dolby speakers
  •  Bluetooth
  •  Industry standard multi-touch touchpad
  •  89% full-size keyboard
  • 6-Cell Li-ion 10.8v 4.06Ah 44Wh battery
  • 40W AC Adapter
  • Size: 10.2" x 7.6" x 0.7-1.8" (including battery)
  • Weight: 2lbs 11oz, 3lbs 5.4oz travel weight
Isn't she a beauty? :)

I love that she's so light and compact! I can easily slip her in my bag (protected with sleeves of course) and tow her to wherever. The glossy pearl-like finish is also very pretty and classy. I am also impressed with its Face Recognition Software and QuickStart key. I have already downloaded wallpapers to jazz her up and I can't wait to blog using my new toy :) 

size comparison with my passport and a long pink wallet

I might be able to get the free Globe Tattoo prepaid next week. I don't have high hopes on its effectivity though because of the number of negative feedback I read about it. I might get a Smartbro prepaid as well. As some of you might know this is just a backup computer for when I am in my apartment. When I am here in my parents' house during my rest days I use my personal computer, powered by Smartbro postpaid Internet. Ü

I am not the only one who went home with a new baby that day. It took Dane three years and three hours to decide he will get a Sony PSP :D We went around the mall looking for good deals for three hours when he finally chose one (sorry but I forgot the name x_x).

inside the store selling game consoles


He was supposed to get the black one but since my netbook is white I convinced him to get a white  PSP instead. Yes, I am incredibly cheesy like that :D He is opposed to the idea, but I named his PSP Fabrizio, just so Lady Fabrize won't be lonely :D


tinkering with his new toy

Fabrizio's box

It was tiring, but fun! We left the mall after grabbing a quick dinner at around 8:30PM with me a couple of ten thousands poorer but happy. Ü

Now I have to start budgeting and saving for Christmas gifts! Ö

My sister Kyla is going home!

27 October 2009

First of all I would like to thank every lovely person who read my previous post and prayed for my sister Kyla. I felt so touched when I saw your responses. You are all angels! I feel so blessed, and I am grateful :)

I went to the hospital earlier today to visit my sister and she is feeling much better now! She is still on dextrose and hasn't gotten her old appetite back but I'm happy to say that the color has gone back to her cheeks and she is no longer crying because of nasty stomachaches. The doctor said she can already go home tomorrow! Yay! I promised her that I will give her an Invisibility Ring on Pet Society and that I will take her shopping once she's already feeling well and I intend to fulfill my promise :)

It was a case of a viral infection gone wrong. Her blood vessels in her legs were infected, as well as her stomach so she got rashes and those vomiting spells. Now her condition is already stable and is on her way to a speedy recovery. What a relief!

Now it's back to regular programming LOL. Next post would be my October hauls. Ü

Again, thanks to my blogger friends. You are awesome! If you are reading this I am sending digital hugs and blowing pink, glittering kisses your way. ♥♥

PS: Let us all pray as well for Thiamere's brother. He is still in ICU because of dengue fever. I hope he will be okay soon!

Please pray for my sister Kyla

26 October 2009

I cannot concentrate. My eyes are puffy from crying since this morning and I have a splitting headache.

I learned just this morning from my Mom that Kyla, my 10-year old sister, is sick and is in the hospital since Saturday. I can understand why she did not tell me since I have the tendency to over-react and be easily affected (my friends have commented that I stress too much over the littlest things) but I am a bit upset. If I only knew, I would have stalled buying my Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 and instead kept the money for her meds in case the cost gets too high for my parents to handle. I guess she let me know my sister's condition today because I was due to go home for my rest days.

Kyla was supposed to go to my office with my Mom and cousin Jerico to attend HSBC's Kidz@Work (an annual event where children can go and visit their parents' or siblings' workplace). They were excited because it would have been their first time to go. Besides, the event coincided with Halloween, so they were to go in costumes (and we know how excited kids can get over them. Heck I am excited for costume parties). My Mom cancelled the night before, saying they cannot go anymore because Kyla had to go to school for exams. (They need to go to classes now even on Saturdays due to the long break they had during Typhoon Ondoy.) Little did I know that Kyla was already feeling very sick that day. :( They had to rush her to the hospital last Saturday. To think that I bought my netbook last Saturday! I really had no idea :( I was inconsolable at the office earlier, racked with guilt and wanting to see her, yet scared to see her weak and sick. My officemates, as well as my TL, have been really supportive.

My Mom said there are no specific findings yet but the doctors are thinking she got an HCV infection. She has been in the hospital for three days now.. My Papa said she is pretty much stable now though she gets really bad stomachaches and cannot eat. I hope she gets well really soon. I will go there tomorrow to visit her. I swear once she gets home I will give her the Invisibility Ring in Pet Society that she asks from me.

Please help me pray for my sister :( Thank you very much!

Kyla and Krissy

Selling my Michael Antonio Lucite pumps

21 October 2009

Let me show you photos of a pair of shoes that I fell in love with the first time I saw it...

gorgeousness straight out of the box

made of transparent and white faux patent materials

transparent heels

This pair has been in my shoe closet for a year now but I haven't gotten around to using them. Want proof?

clean soles; the sticker hasn't even been removed yet

You must be wondering, if I really love them, how come I'm not using them? The reason, my ladies, is they're *sob* too small for me. I saw them in over a year ago and fell in love. The one disadvantage of buying stuff online though is you are never sure of the size, even if they have measurement charts. I am a size 7 but this pair is more suited for ladies with size 6 feet.

This pair was never used, only tried a couple of times, with my pink, glittering heart breaking each time. As much as I hate to let them go, these babies need to find a new owner now.

Anyone of you lucky enough to have size 6 feet and want to adopt them? I listed them on ebay, where I have scored lots of pretty stuff and whatnots as well.

Listing is open for Philippine residents only, I'm afraid. I accept Gcash and BPI bank deposit as modes of payment. Meetups can be scheduled as well. Please click here for the listing and more information.

box will be included

I'm sorry that I have to let this go, but I find comfort in knowing these babies can be happier with a new owner who can strut and parade them around for the world to see.

Belle de Jour Fair: Exceeding Boundaries

20 October 2009

This year to launch the 2010 BDJ Power Planner, we’ve decided to have a get-together that’s bigger, better and loaded with lots of heart. Introducing…. the first ever “BDJ Fair: Exceeding Boundaries: Give More, Live More!”,

the get-together will hold talks with experts on beauty and fashion as well as accomplished women in their respective fields. We have various booths and lotsa activities lined up for you, check the details below, and register! =)

As part of BDJ’s social responsibility, the BDJ Fair is also a fundraising activity for the rehabilitation of Ondoy victims. 100% of the event proceeds will be donated to a deserving community/group affected by Typhoon Ondoy.


Date: October 25, 2009, Sunday
Time: 2pm to 9pm
Venue: New Eastwood Mall: Open Park (Libis, Quezon City)
Entrance: Php 50 (for walk-ins); Php 20 (for pre-registered BDJ Girls (100% for donation =)

FAIR BOOTHS INCLUDE: Free Hair Styling Booth from AZTA URBAN SALON, Free Spot Massages from THE SPA, Free Fortune Telling, Free cocktail drinks from THE BAR and SOBERCLUB, Free fair photos, Free Facial Spa from CLARITY, Free Waxing from STRIP and get to shop from BDJ's brand partners! =)

For this special day only, ALL BDJ Fair attendees, can buy the 2010 BDJ Power Planner for only Php 480! Yes, you read that right, your gorgeous power planner is made more affordable, packed with the special pages and discount coupons you love! =) A percentage of BDJ sales during the fair will also contribute as part of the fundraiser. =)

PLUS GET A CHANCE TO WIN Free BDJ 2010 Power Planners, special prizes from our lifestyle brand partners and many more, await the BDJ Girls who will participate in the event’s festivities listed below =) Instructions on how to participate is after the list of activities:

3:30 to 4:30pm: CREATE YOUR BRAND IN THE WORKPLACE (max 200 girls)

Branding is not limited to a product or producer. It's also an important component of your career path The rising star will always be chosen over the slovenly sloth or the timid workhorse. It is not enough to work hard, you also have to make it known that you are a company asset. Learn how to rise through the ranks through proper image management and work ethic. Learn the do's and don't of office decorum as well as valuable tips on how to rise above the herd. Hear it firsthand from a young professional who has managed to leave her mark at her chosen field!

Gita Luz is an Account Manager at one of the leading advertising and communications company, Campaigns and Grey. She belongs to the Campaign Social Response unit of the company which services clients such as Greenpeace, Haribon, Ayala Foundation, United Nations, Jollibee Foundation, and more

5:30 to 6:15pm: REACH FOR THE SKIES! (max 200 girls)

Oh the places you can go! With lots of determination and a steely resolve, anything is possible! Experience new highs in this wonderful sport where endurance is tested at the heart of the mountain range! Become inspired to take fitness to the next level as you learn about the niche sport of skyrunning and how it can take you to such great heights.

Beth Siojo: this power mom is also a serious athlete, an active member of Pinoy Ultra Runners and The Philippine Skyrunning Association, competes in ultra marathons while balancing family and work life

6:30 to 7:30pm: BREAK FASHION RULES, DEBUNK BEAUTY MYTHS. (max 200 girls)

Not all fashion and beauty rules are created equal….and sometimes rules ARE meant to be broken. That color scheme or capped sleeve could have been a golden nugget last season but it could be the newest fashion disaster today. So don’t let the trends dictate your style. Trust your instinct and think outside the box! In this talk, learn what’s stylish, what’s not, and what’s always in no matter the date or season!

Barbi Chan is the chief make-up artist of Maybelline New York. Her prolific work covers a ranges from intimate weddings to glamorous photo shoots for magazines. But her talent in making every woman beautiful is always spot on.

Dona Cuna-Pita has years of experience in the field as fashion as the former Fashion Editor of Cosmopolitan and Associate Fashion Director for Summit Publications. She is a trusted stylist of numerous celebrities and is known for her uncanny fashion predictions and never failing superior style.

To participate email us at the following details:

• Name:
• Email Address:
• Mobile:
• Activities to Join:
o Top Choice:
o 2nd Choice:
o 3rd Choice:
• What BOUNDARY (Challenge) do want to EXCEED this 2010? (Short and sweet answers please, not more than 500 words. Interesting answers will get a 2010 BDJ planner for free!)

For Ondoy Victim Donations...

FAIR PROCEEDS: 100% of Fair proceeds will go to Ondoy Victims, we noticed during some of our outreach activities, that donations of old items instead of making the Ondoy victims feel good, they feel self-pity. To help them get back some dignity, we aim to get them basic NEW items, that won't make them feel too poorly about themselves. We invite additional cash donations from the BDJ Girls =)

SALES FROM PARTNER BRANDS: Buying from our partner brands during the FAIR, will add our cash donation, among others, COCCO will donate up to 15% of their sales.

DAVID & GOLIATH T-SHIRT DONATIONS: 10 BDJ girls who bring in the MOST T-Shirts will receive a special David & Goliath gift pack. Each gift pack will include exclusive a David & Goliath tee and other premium items! =)

What are you waiting for send us an email at =)

If you can't attend the BDJ Fair, but want to order the BDJ 2010 Power Planner, order here in our website: We'll miss you but hope you can attend future BDJ events.

*copied in all its entirety from BDJ's newsletter


I love Belle de Jour powerplanners! I have the 2007, 2008 and 2009 planners and will definitely get the 2010 planner as well and what better time to get it than this coming Sunday? The event is packed with fun activities that are perfect for us ladies, and I really, really want to go. Since I missed the Candy Fair, this would be a great alternative :)

Who else are going? Any change we can do a blogger meet-and-greet? :)

Help me decide! What to get, a netbook or a laptop?

18 October 2009

Because of the damage brought by Typhoon Ondoy, the government asked (or mandated, I'm not sure) companies here in the Philippines to give out the 13th month pay to their employees earlier. We at HSBC normally receive our 13th month pay on the 7th of December but because of the circumstances, it will credit our accounts on October 23 (that's on Friday!). At first I was totally opposed to the idea since my 13th month pay is primarily allotted for Christmas shopping. And since we are getting it way early I am scared I will spend everything! If I am being completely honest with myself, the money will just go down the drain (or in cashiers' tills) if I don't have a clear-cut goal. When I thought about it though, maybe getting our 13th month pay early is better. I have completely warmed up to the idea. I will use the money to buy myself a big-ticket item, and then save up from my November and December's salary to spend on gifts! I am a genius :D

Now what to get? You see, every year I have always had a "project", very much like a Christmas present for myself (apart from all the other "just because" presents muahaha). Last year I got myself a new phone. Now, what to get for myself this year? That's easy! I have to get myself a secondary computer that I can use when I am in our rented pad in Quezon City! (At the moment I can only blog when I'm here in my parents' house, during my rest days.)

So it has been decided, Krissy is getting herself a new baby! Here is where the problem comes in. What to get, a netbook or a laptop? I have already read a gazillion reviews, asked my techie friends, and checked the prices at the malls but I am still neither here nor there. One day I am all for getting a netbook, and then someone says something and I switch to wanting to get a laptop. It's exhausting! This is a big ticket item (that will cost me a month's salary) so I want to make sure I will make the right choice (and not regret it and want to throw the gadget against the wall).

I actually will just use it as a secondary computer, mainly to blog when I am at the pad and also to email, update Facebook, and open Tumblr. And yeah, maybe edit some photos on the side for my blog using "light" photo editors as well. And no, I won't use it to play Sims 3 or edit videos! So I am leaning towards getting a netbook instead. The reviews I read online all say good things about netbooks, and you know I am not the most difficult person to convince. But majority of my friends and officemates say I should get a laptop instead (maybe it would be easier for me to decide if they will be the ones to pay for the laptop, yes?) Last night I couldn't sleep, so I listed down a few Pros and Cons that I can think of. Feel free to add to the list and help me decide which to get!

- more portable. I can easily slip it in my bag and lug it around since it is lighter as well.
- less theft-prone. Since it is smaller than a laptop, it is less attention-grabbing while I am walking around the busy streets of Manila (since it can easily fit in my bags and I would not necessarily carry it in a separate laptop bag).
- cuter. My friend Sasha berated me for this haha! She said I need to look at gadgets not on their external appearances but on their internal features. Well, can you blame me for loving all things cute and pretty and girly? :D
- less expensive. Netbooks generally cost at least 5,000php lower than laptops.

- less efficient. And so they say. I haven't come across reviews lambasting the power of netbooks though. Or maybe the reviewers acknowledge this is a netbook so therefore it has less capabilities than say, a Toshiba laptop.
- does not have an optical drive. But really, my computer here at home has that so I don't think it will be a problem.

And how can you not get excited about netbooks when they look like this:

Pink HP mini

Lenovo S10-2 in pink

LE Lenovo S10-2 in Pop Art
(look at how the design extends to the keyboard! Cuteness overload!)

Wow. My adherence to the pink phone conspiracy has passed on to these gadgets! :D

I used to want an HP mini, but after checking the reviews (and the fact it doesn't have Bluetooth and I would have to pop in my Bluetooth port every time I transfer files from my phone) I have leaned towards the Lenovo more.

Argh! What to get?? Friday is fast approaching and I need to make up my mind soon! Dane will come with me when I buy my new baby on Saturday and I would like to have made up my mind already by then.

Umm I have a confession to make... Actually, I think I am more excited at the prospect of getting really pretty accessories like laptop bags and sleeves (and skins if I don't get the Lenovo Pop Art one!) :D

I need your help! Do you have a netbook and/ or a laptop? Can you post your opinions and recommendations on which I should get? It will be much appreciated! ♥♥

Easy and affordable dinners

13 October 2009

It's not a big secret that I cannot cook. I have tried to learn (I bought cookbooks and Yummy magazines, watched cooking shows and was given lessons by my friend and former housemate Ruther) but no, I remain an undomestic goddess, especially when it comes to the kitchen. And I am not even dreaming to cook fancy-schmanzy meals; all I want is to learn how to whip something up if needed be, say I am alone (and hungry!) at the pad or if I have some guests over. I do not really need to impress anyone with my cooking prowess, learning some basics is enough (well it would be great to learn how to bake as well).

I think I am branching out of my original intended topic again. Sorry :D Ehem. I've mentioned in my Independence Day post that half of the year I stayed independent is spent not having dinner :D Blame it on my lack of cooking skills and at times, sheer laziness. It's easy to get sick of fastfood and takeaways you know, especially if that's all you eat for five days straight.

But my perspective changed when I saw these in Ana's blog:

Lucky Me! Mac & Cheez and Lucky Me! Baked Mac
photo grabbed from her site

I looked for them the next chance I got and I swear, they are so yummy! I bought two packs only the first time I saw it at the supermarket so that if I don't like it then I would not feel like I wasted money. I regretted it though because after tasting it I decided I want more! When I went to SM Fairview though they were already out of stock (there was a huge chunk in their noodles section where these should have been) so I hoarded the next time I saw them at a supermarket near my friend/ officemate Marsha's house. And I did hoard indeed; I bought 7 packs each :D I've already eaten like 8 packs already and I swear I haven't gotten sick of it yet.

I cannot decide which I like best though because they are both yummy in their own right; Mac and Cheez tastes like it was made in cheese heaven while Baked Mac has just the right mix of tomato sauce, pimiento and other herbs and spices. :)

And I may not know how to cook, but I know how to spice things up.

Lucky Me! Mac & Cheez with corned beef

Lucky Me! Baked Mac with Fita crackers

I am thinking of other possible toppings to complement them.. Jelly beans? Gummi worms? No? :D

At only 14.25php each, these can definitely give Greenwich's baked macaroni a run for its money. I know I cannot subsist on takeout and instant food forever, but for the moment, I think these will do. Now you know what I'm having for dinner (in the pad. My Ma makes sure I eat healthy, home-cooked meals when I'm at their house), for the next few weeks at least :)

Is anyone experiencing problems with Blogspot as well?

I don't know what happened.. I don't know when this started because I just clicked on the New Post button yesterday. I thought there was just a glitch and it will be okay after a few hours but until now it is still the same :( The New Post page is all messy and chaotic, and the buttons to post photos, links and other editing tools are all gone :( I thought that maybe it's because of the three column layout so I reverted to my old layout but it's still the same.. I don't know if I'm making any sense here.. Help :(

I just checked my other Blogspot account, and the New Post screen is working perfectly. So the problem is just with this site. I don't know what to do :( Please bear with me as I tweak and tinker around this site.. Oh no I hope it'll be sorted out :(

I reverted back to my old two-column layout, but it's still the same :( I don't know what's wrong..

CONCLUSION: (look, I can edit my posts now!)
I don't know if it's a glitch with the settings of Blogspot's new post editor. I reverted to the old editor (via Basic Settings in Settings tab) and everything went back to normal. I am sorry for panicking. I was even thinking of creating a new blog account (again!). Whew! Honestly I prefer the three-column layout so I think I will go back to using that. I'll probably do it tomorrow though because I feel too tired now.

All's well that ends well. Krissyfied continues. Ü

Picture Tag + My Blogger Angels without Wings

07 October 2009

This tag is from Cha, thanks again! :) The rules are as follows:

1. Open your first photo folder.
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo.
3. Post that photo and story on your blog.
4. Tag five {or more} friends to do the same.

My photos are sorted by weeks in a month. So if you check my photos folder you can see them sorted by month, and inside the first folder is tagged as week 1, the next as week 2, and so on. For the first week of the month of October, my 10th photo is this:

These lips are made for giving pink kisses :D

This photo was taken last Sunday. I was alone at the pad, bored and craving for some mac and cheese, and having nothing better to do I figured I would just put on some lipstick and practice how to smile for photos :D I used my in2it Moisture Release Lipstick in MR 08 Flamingo and Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lipgloss in Raspberry Juice. It's just a lovely color for me and this lipstick-lipgloss combination is my favorite :) And yeah, I am proud of my two dimples. They were deeper when I was a kid, I think they somehow changed a bit when I had my braces. They say dimples are an abnormality but I don't care, it is actually one of my best features. I've heard about some people going through cosmetic surgical procedures just to have them, lucky me! I actually got it from my paternal grandmom and at least two of my cousins have them as well :)

Incidentally, I received this blogger award from Deeps, thank you so much! You're so sweet! :)

So now I am passing on the award (and the tag, if you don't mind) to the people I've come to really like since I started blogging.

Andhari: I met her in 20 Something Bloggers. She is a sweet girl from Indonesia who is a hiphop artist and a law student as well! She has been featured on several magazines already and (get this) will perform on the Jakarta International Java Soul Nation Festival 2009! I know Deeps already gave her this award but I would still want to give her one because she has been so nice to me (and to everyone, in general). I love reading her posts and her stories (and way of telling them) never fail to crack me up.
Ana: I can't believe it has been almost three years since we met :D Ana is a writer/ accessories designer/ entrepreneur. More importantly she is my soul sister! I am so proud and happy for her. She is an awesomely creative person with a kind heart to boot and she deserves all the good things that are coming her way (and her business). Visit her online shop here.
Regine: Another awesome person I met online due to my shopping addiction :D She is younger than me by two years but I feel that I can really relate with her. We chatted on Facebook two weeks ago, and I was amazed by how open we talked about things even if we haven't met personally. She introduced me to Neil Gaiman when she recommended I read Stardust, and now Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors of all time.
Meream: She is another awesome lady. She is a skilled craftswoman and can do wonderful, wonderful creations with her sewing machine and needles. An artist in the truest sense of the word, she also doodles and draws very well. I love her photos in her site, and would really love to get myself one of the bags she makes and sells.
Manikmakina: His posts are just so funny! He was one of the Filipinos who lost so much because of Typhoon Ondoy but he still bounced back and reverted to the funny blogger and storyteller that he is. I would also like to take this opportunity to cast:

My Vote for the 2009 Bloggers' Choice Award (National)

I vote for Manik Makina
Bloggers' Choice Award
2009 Philippine Blog Awards

Congratulations on being nominated, and lots of luck!

I am just sooo happy that I made the switch from Multiply to Blogspot. How do you like my new layout? Let it be known that I am not well versed in html and css so this took about three hours of my time :D

So that's it. It's all about sharing the love, ya know. Let's keep on rocking the blogosphere, you ladies  (and gentleman) ♥♥

Gorgeus Blogger Award + Random Interesting Facts Tag

06 October 2009

Big thank you's, digital hugs, and kisses from my pink, glittering heart to Aicha and Cha for giving me this:

with specific instructions to list down 6 Random Interesting Facts about me.

Let's get down to this gorgeous business, shall we? :D

  • I am a magpie. Not literally, duh :D I collect different kinds of stuff, but perhaps my favorite things to collect are journals (and notebooks with pretty covers, for that matter). Before there were blogs, there were journals. Maybe it's the writer in me, but I am just so happy when I get a new journal to write on. Even now that I have my blog to express myself on, I still have to have that one journal where I can write what I want without fear of anyone else reading it without my permission. In case you want to give me a present and you're stumped on what to give me, I'd say you can never go wrong with a journal (or a notebook with a pretty cover). My latest acquisition was the Twilight Journals. I got it from National Bookstore last week (at the last day of the sale for Laking National members) for only 785php, down from the original price of 988php if you have a Laking National (National Bookstore's loyalty program) card. Now I am not a big fan of Stephenie Meyer's literature and the novelty of the Twilight saga may have worn off for me after I read Breaking Dawn but I must say that the merchandise (official or fan-made) are all very good! To date I have (had all the books, but sold them to my friend Mich) four Twilight shirts, the Twilight movie OST, the Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion, an Edward Cullen bookmark, a Twilight polymer clay necklace, and a Bella bracelet given by Ana (told ya I'm a magpie LOL). It helps as well that I really like how the book covers were designed. And yeah, I'm excited to watch New Moon just so I can see Taylor Lautner's abs. Hot, indeed! Oops I'm sorry, I have digressed far too much! Here are some pics of the journals:

still sealed

housed in a collectible tin

It contains FOUR hardbound journals with the books' cover designs and quotes from the Twilight saga and books that have inspired the series. Pretty cool, huh?
  • I have a compulsive desire to name everything in sight. My phone is named Alister. My digital media players were named Akisha and Akira. My bichir fishes are named Aziraphale and Anathema. (I also had other pet fishes whom I named Elixir, Phantasmagoria, Gaian and Atticus. They are in fish heaven now.) My stuffed octopus baby is named Archuleta, and my stuffed starfish is named Kriket. And the list goes on.

Archuleta and Cook. Dane and I got them at the Manila Ocean Park last June 2. Their names were inspired by, yes, the David Cook/ Archuleta in Manila concert here last May 16.
  • I arrange my bills not only in ascending order of their value but also by their serial numbers. Yup. Because I'm twistedly-OC like that :D
  • I cover all my books with plastic. I cannot really start reading a book without ensuring it is protected against wear and tear. I am just too careful with my books. And I did the same with my beloved old Candy and Seventeen Philippines magazines, can you believe that? On a related note, I bought two new books last weekend.

The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (which I am halfway through) and The Booklovers' Appreciation Society by different authors like Sophie Kinsella, Cecelia Ahern, Maeve Binchy and many others (a portion of the proceeds of which will go to Breast Cancer Care)

  • My stories tend to branch out to other stories whether I tell them in person or write about them in my blog. Case in point? See Random Interesting Fact number 1 :D That is why I love using parentheses, they help me organize (and rein in) my thoughts :D
  • I have never had a facial or a massage or a professional waxing job done. Honestly I don't think I need facials, and I am very ticklish so massages are a no-no. Generally I am just not a fan. I used to reason that I can do without those, so long as I have my shoes :D But now I must say I am becoming a little bit more interested to try these things. After all, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! :)

never had a facial done :)

I really love reading (and doing) bloggers' tags because it gives me the chance to know more about the people behind the blogs. Somehow, they seem more "real" and I can relate more to them. Umm I don't know if that makes any sense but for me it does haha! So yeah, keep those tags coming, and I'll def answer them (so long as I'm in my parents' house, using my computer) :D

And now I am passing on this award to 6 other gorgeous bloggers!


One year as Little Miss Independent

01 October 2009

The sun has shone again.. Life goes on.

I wasn't really in the mood to blog today but I guess I should, just to mark one special milestone in my life. Today, my friends, marks the first year of my independence. Yep, I moved out of my parents' house exactly a year ago! Beat that, all you people who made a bet that I won't last a few months! (And you call yourself my friends?? :D)

I didn't think my parents would agree to my leaving home. After all, even though I am not an only child (I am the eldest, can you believe it? Even I myself sometimes can't LOL) my parents still treated me as if I am the dainty, fragile one (and yeah, maybe I am). And to think I do not know how to cook! (But don't worry, I do know how to clean the house and wash dishes.) I mean, what would I eat? I possibly cannot subsist on takeout or instant noodles alone! Or can I? I really didn't think they would agree. So what I did was I looked for a house first with my would-be housemates Asther and Ruther and paid my share before I broke the news to them. When I did I could almost hear their braincells thinking of a way to get my crazy ideas out of my head, but after a couple of rebuttals and me promising I would take care of myself and I would not let myself be pregnant out of wedlock (haha!) they were sold! They even helped me move. Well, maybe they just wanted to see where I would live and ensure I am not running away to elope :D

Asther, Ruther, Chao and I lived together harmoniously for seven months (we even called our apartment The RACK's) before Ruther and Chao decided to live somewhere else that would be more convenient for them. A 3-bedroom apartment is too big for Asther and me so we looked for a better place. And we found one! Moving was easy as well because it was also in the same subdivision. We now live in a studio apartment we call our pad. I actually like this pad better since it's on the 3rd floor - therefore the temperature is cooler and the view, especially of the sunset, is just wow - and the amenities are better.

So much has happened since then, and as I look back on the photos collected over the past year  (and believe me, I have a LOT!) I cannot help but smile. I might not have learned how to cook (yet!), but I have learned a great deal of other things. Like angelfishes cannot live with goldfishes in the same aquarium because they will die after just two days. Or that laundromats impose a minimum so even if you brought just 3kgs worth of dirty clothes to be laundered they will still charge you for 5kgs. Or that  the two hours it takes me to commute to and from Navotas everyday for work is really tiring and so now I should be thankful because I only need at least 20 minutes to commute from our pad and that I can use all those extra hours for other productive things - like reading books or watching DVDs (hey, they are productive because by doing them I enrich my mind! :D) But these are just scratching the surface. The lessons I learned by being independent deserves another blog entry :)

glorious view of the sunset from our third floor flat
how can you not love that?

me with my housemate Asther

let me share a photo of my pet bichir fishes Aziraphale and Anathema (you may also call them Yin and Yang :D)
today is also their 5th month with me :)

And yes, I can subsist on takeout or instant noodles alone! Today also marks a year wherein half of it I did not eat dinner :D

Relief operations for victims of Typhoon Ondoy are still ongoing. Click here for a comprehensive Google spreadsheet on how we can help. Likewise let us pray for the victims of the earthquake in Indonesia and tsunami in Samoa. It is really awful and I do hope we won't get any of these again anytime soon :(