Tips to put your mental health back to a good place

01 December 2021

The conversation around mental health issues and society’s understanding of it have grown exponentially over the years. Of course, if you experience long-term or serious symptoms of anxiety and depression, seeking expert advice is vital, but during moments when we experience low points in our lives, finding ways to restore our mental wellness should be top priority. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Take care of your physical wellness

Physical health and mental health are very closely linked. So, if you fail to pay attention to your body, it’s likely that your mind will suffer too. Staying physically active is a crucial step, which is why you should get your workout outfits out once more. Even a few minutes of running, yoga, or swimming can reduce stress and release endorphins. Eating the right foods (and avoiding ones that cause digestive issues) will have an immensely positive influence too. When combined with actively protecting yourself against viruses, staying in a more positive mindset will be easy.

I am happy that restrictions have eased up in my condo village and we can use the pool again. We're aiming to swim at least twice a week. 

Focus on human interactions

Other people hold the key to our long-term happiness. So, creating magical memories with the people you love will promote improved mental wellness. Meeting new people is another step that drives better results. Party phone lines are a great example of how a little flirting can severely bolster your mindset and confidence. As well as the added attention, you may find that it develops into a relationship. On a different note, you should always try to form more meaningful friendships at work. After all, you will probably spend more time with them than your closest pals.

Sleep better

A good night’s sleep will enhance your daily life in many ways. For starters, it means beginning and ending each day in style. However, it will also regulate the cortisol stress hormone. Most adults should aim for 7-9 hours each night, but it is equally crucial to get quality sleep. The REM stage is where this happens, which is why avoiding the blue light of smartphones and other devices is crucial. It’ll help you drift off and enjoy a better quality of sleep each night. When you get this right, you should see a noticeable change within a few weeks. This is something I should keep in mind, too. 

Find a hobby to devote your time to

I love cooking and baking because I am able to shut the world out. All that matters are my batter and baking pans. Last weekend I was able to bake a Basque Burnt Cheesecake for the first time, and I am so proud of it because it's so delicious!

I used to be intimidated because this is so expensive to buy, so I thought it would be too complicated for a newbie baker like me. Turns out it was easier to bake than my cake recipes because it didn't need frosting or any other extra stuff! So good! I am excited to make this again.

More importantly, remember that not all hobbies need to be monetized.

Stop over-complicating life

Millions of people suffer as a result of needlessly overcomplicating their lives. When you do this, it’s likely that you will focus on aspects that are not going as well as you’d like. It is a natural part of human psychology to do this. Therefore, keeping things simple is the key to success. Focus on staying on top of issues that are under your control. This could mean getting your finances in good health, organizing the home, or building a better work-life balance. When you learn to appreciate the positives in your life, you will feel calmer. Working on what matters in your life is vital too. We all need to feel like we are on a positive journey.

You got this. :)

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