iPhone Apps That Could Pretty Much Save Your Life

03 December 2021

I switched to Android about three years ago because Huawei P20 Pro was too pretty to resist, but switching back to using an iPhone last year was a game changer! I never want to stray again! We like to think of our phones as handy devices that let us easily communicate with our friends, be a source of entertainment, and even organize our lives, but they can actually serve more purpose than these.

Yes, learning how to trim a video on iPhone can help you create killer Facebook posts, but these devices are now so capable, they could save your life.

Voice-Activated SOS

Imagine if you could simply speak to call for help. Well, nowadays iPhone apps are so advanced that they offer this feature.

Safe, for instance, is an app that responds to voice commands and immediately puts you through to an emergency operator if you get into trouble. It also has a helpful video call feature so that paramedics can get the jump on your condition, plus a siren sound, alerting rescuers to your location.

Does that sound over the top? Maybe not if you’re cold, tired, trapped, hungry or in the middle of nowhere.

Advanced Weather Warnings

Let’s say you decide to go for a hike in the mountains. How lovely. Except things can go wrong very quickly indeed when the clouds begin to descend.

Now you can get real-time monitoring apps, like Dark Sky Weather, that link to local stations and forecast crews in your local area. If there’s going to be a problem with the weather, they immediately let you know, giving you upwards of an hour to walk to a lower level.

First-Aid Assistance

If you’re in the middle of nowhere and somebody in your group collapses, what do you do? Well, naturally, you want one person to administer first aid while another goes and gets help.

But what happens if you don’t actually know any first aid? Well, don’t worry: in the inimitable words of Steve Jobs, “there’s an app for that.

These apps provide you with spoken instructions for what you should do next in a variety of situations. They also offer helpful videos and graphics, showing you precisely how you should help someone in need. Many of these apps also come with emergency weather alerts – convenient if you happen to also be caught in the middle of a storm.

Medical Standard Apps

Paramedics and first-responders need quickfire information about your condition before they arrive at your location. Data helps them to prepare in advance for what to expect. The more targeted information you can provide, the better.

Some apps allow you to do this on your smartphone. After you get injured (or incapacitated in some other way), you tell the app to activate. It then displays all your vitals on your phone’s lock screen that paramedics can then use to assess you, your situation and what you should do next.

Location Apps 

Sharing your location with everyone you know sounds like Big Brother. But having an app on your phone that lets you tell paramedics where you are right now can help a lot. 

One example is Noonlight. All you do is open the app and tap a button. An operator will then forward your precise location to the relevant authorities, getting you out of a potential bind. After all, sometimes you don’t know how to describe where you are. It’s much easier to use your phone’s location tools to quickly provide relevant parties with information.

Check-In Apps

Some people have medical conditions that require constant control. Diabetes is a good example. If you fail to manage your blood sugar levels, it can lead to coma and death.

This reality has led to the development of a host of powerful check-in apps. The idea here is incredibly simple. The app notifies you at specific times of the day and then you respond, effectively “checking in.” Usually, all you need to do is push a big check mark, and that’s that.

If you fail to check in, the app automatically notifies selected contacts. They can then check on you or contact medical professionals.

Medication Reminder Apps

How many times have you forgotten to take your medications? It probably happens more often than you care to remember.

Taking medications on time and in the right doses is essential. If you get it wrong, you could put yourself at risk of serious medical complications.

That’s why multiple apps, including Medisafe Reminder, are now available that help you remember to take your meds when you need them. These offer simple alters and will often pester you until you confirm that you confirm that you’ve taken the right dose.

Apps also tell you whether there are any potential interactions between the various drugs that you take. If there are, you’ll get a warning.   

BRB downloading these now from the App Store ;)

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