Having fun while traveling and staying safe at the same time

26 November 2021

I was browsing my phone for old photos the other day and I came across our Singapore travel pics from the last time we were able to go, pre-pandemic. I didn't expect the wave of nostalgia hitting me, I just miss airports and being in an airplane so much. :(

I know we all love the idea of traveling. And on our travels, we may want to try out new things, be adventurous, even maybe a bit of danger along the way. Everyone loves an adrenaline rush. But most people (I’m assuming) don’t want to be hurt. We want the best of both worlds; adrenaline, danger but not too much danger. Let’s have a look at some of the most exciting and shall we say, dangerous (but not too dangerous) activities there are to do around different countries on your travels!



Ireland isn’t just known for its green fields and leprechauns, it also is the home for many tourist attractions with one of the most interesting being Todds Leap. It is situated in the North of Ireland, in a small town called Moneymore. This is the perfect spot for an adrenaline junkie who wants excitement and feels dangerous but is actually perfectly safe at all times! Have fun in crazy activities such as ZipLines, Giant Swings, Paint Balling, Blindfold Driving and even Off Road Driving. All whilst returning at the end of the day, safe and alive!


The States you can imagine take adrenaline and danger to a whole new level. Some of the activities here people go to purely for the danger aspect, minus the safety being considered, all for the Gram right? Find yourself amongst these crazy things to do such as; Free Fall into the Grand Canyon on a Giant Swing, Motorcycle through the fastest highways in the state but you may want to consider having a motorcycle accident attorney close by for this one, and lastly you can even travel to space if you can spare a couple of thousands of dollars! You will never be short or stuck for an adventure in the States!


Again, a country filled to the brim with Adventure and a bonus; warm weather all the time! What more could you want? Travel around Australia’s East Coast at any time of the year. Partake in snorkelling, scuba diving, its amazing Fraser Island but watch out for the dingos! They would be sure to give you a sense of danger and sometimes a fear for your life, sound dangerous enough? Just keep your dingo stick close by and all will be peachy! Take a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, just don’t look down! All of these activities also are monitored and organised by a reliable and safe team around you, so once again you can feel dangerous and also be safe! The perfect combination.


Asia is amazing. Take a six-week break in Thailand. Go to an elephant sanctuary. Stay on water log cabins. Eat Asian food. Go and try out yoga. Thailand can be adventurous in a whole different way. You can make it as face paced or as slow paced as you like but it should definitely be on your BucketList, it is truly amazing. Don't believe me? Just look at these baby elephants.

The list of places to travel for an adventure is ongoing, there are new places being discovered every day and sometimes it’s better to actually go and find the less popular tourist spots and find your own special place. The world is unimaginably big and if you want an adventure all you have to do is take that leap of faith and go find it. Nobody to travel with? Go alone anyway. Scared of heights? Go on a bungee jump. Scared of water? Swim in the sea.

We all need to step outside our comfort zones, that's where all the magic happens!

However, what we always want to keep in mind when travelling, may it be alone, with a friend or partner, in a group of twenty. No matter what the situation, we always want to stay safe. There is always going to be a safe option for whatever adventure it is you want to go on. It might take a little longer to sort it, or a little more effort but in reality it is your life you have to think about first and foremost. You want to go on your travels and adventure and still live to tell the tale! Research your ideas, plan ahead, have a plan for afterwards if anything did go wrong, speak to a professional if you need help with anything before or afterwards and mainly and most importantly, be safe!

Have an amazing time! :)

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