#YouGotThis: Planning and Journaling Summit

22 September 2021

I love my iPad and my little journaling apps, but nothing beats putting pen to paper. There's a different kind of satisfaction to be had when I physically cross off tasks on my to do list, my jumbled thoughts become clearer, and it is just so easier to manifest things and work towards my dreams when I write them down.

Life lately made me do a lot of rewriting my story, what with moving out and learning to be independent again, changing jobs, and grieving my Tatay's death. Through all these, I had my journal to pour all my thoughts and feelings into.

On its 15th year of providing every planner babe their perfect planner companion, Viviamo is staging #YouGotThis, a planning and journaling summit that will empower you to rewrite your story and move forward with your life even during this pandemic. I still have sweet memories of the Make Today Magical event held back when we could still hold face-to-face events, but I'm sure this online summit will be just as fun and informative!

You may check more information and sign up FOR FREE here. Aside from the freebies you'll receive, when you attend for free, you'll also get to join the raffles peppered throughout the two-day FREE summit!

I have already registered. It's happening this weekend so don't miss out. ;) Register here.


  1. I attended this one yesterday! I was only able to catch day 2, good thing there are replays! I never had a BDJ planner before, but I got encouraged to get one during the summit. I'm so excited to use it next year!

    1. Oh good! I've been buying BDJ Planners since 2007 :D I'm excited for you! :)


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