How to save money while working from home

15 September 2021

I used to dislike working from home because I always ended up falling asleep in the afternoons. I used to think that I liked the structure that going to a physical office gives me, not to mention being able to socialize with workmates-turned-friends. But now that I have been working from home for more than a year now, I realize that if there is an option to work from home, I would always choose this, mostly because I cannot imagine going through my everyday commute again. Heh. I am blessed to be employed by a company that has a work from home setup, even before the pandemic.

Working from home is a great way to save money, but if you're like who always adds to cart, it can also be expensive. How do you work from home without spending too much? Here are some tips that will help keep our working-from-home costs low.

#1 Skip the commute

By working from home, you can save on your transportation costs. One doesn't realize how much money you spend on gas just going to and from work every day, and how much other things you can do with that money instead! Also, by using your car less, you'll probably save a few bucks on your car insurance as well, seeing as you won't be putting yourself and your vehicle at risk as much as you would've if you had to drive on the freeway twice a day, every day.

#2 Consolidate errands

I really avoid going out as much as possible in that even my groceries, I do online, but if you do happen to need to leave your house during the day, try and consolidate errands into one trip. Not only will this help save gas, but it'll also allow you more time at home! For example, if there's a centre close by that has all the stores you need to do your monthly grocery shopping, try and set aside enough time to slip away for a while and buy everything you need in one outing? The less time spent outside of your working space means fewer distractions and more hours to complete tasks that contribute to earning money.

#3 Free lunch

Who doesn't love free food? If you have a fridge, microwave, and some water to boil things in, there are plenty of recipes that allow for healthy meals at little-to-no cost. Some people buy lunch every day of their lives, whether it be at a nearby food truck that's conveniently located next to the office or even at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, these small expenses add up to quite a bill at the end of each month because it's not as if you can run home to your fridge at lunchtime and have a quick snack. By working from home, you'll be saving on all those coffee and lunch bills, ensuring you have even more money saved each month that you can use to buy other things!

#4 Save on utilities

You may be wondering how you can save on utilities when you're at home more often and use more electricity to work and get everything that's needed done? Well, that's where technology and innovation come in. Now, you can utilize the cost-effective option of solar power to cut your utility bills in half and save tons! Sure, you don't want to spend a bucket load of money on solar panel installations and only start saving a few years down the road when the installation has paid for itself through savings, but that's where this gets even better. You can learn more at and find out how you can reap the fruits of solar energy without needing any solar panels! This is one of my dreams for my future home, too.

By utilizing the above steps, you’ll be saving a ton of money while working from home and amping up your productivity at the same time - it’s a win-win situation! 

Do you have any more work from home tips? Let me know! :)

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