28 September 2021

I get all these ideas when I'm in the shower, and when I'm lucky I get to write/ type them all down before the words escape me.


One of the things I've been obsessed about lately is watching pantry organization videos on TikTok. It makes me want to get all these clear acrylic cases and sort all our food and snacks into a semblance of organization. It kinda makes me wish we got a bigger refrigerator, but I know that we have now is already big enough for J and me. I've never been the organized type of gal in that my style is more like Serenity in Chaos, but these videos make me wish I'm that organized. Heh.

Which brings me to my next point = Compartmentalize.

I throw this word around a lot whenever people ask me for advice about work, about relationships, or about life in general, but it all boils down to this. Compartmentalize.

It's what I did when I overheard my friends in highschool talking about me my behind my back. It's what I did when I had my heart broken and had to see the people who broke it every day at work. It's what I did when there were too many family issues popping up. It's what I did when there was too much toxicity at work and it was affecting how we did our jobs. It's what I am doing now, grieving my Tatay's death, while at the same time living my life to honor him. I let myself feel emotions, then I let them wash over me. There is work to be done. Compartmentalize.

Relationships getting too toxic because of, I don't know, political biases maybe? Cut them off. Life is too short to spend time with the wrong people. Work getting too demanding? Nothing a good ol' to do list can cross off. I acknowledge that hitting the sweet spot of a work-life balance is near impossible to achieve, but I am in my 30s and I have learned to manage my expectations. After all, there can be no work-life balance when you don't have work to begin with.

So, yeah, different drawers, different compartments, different things to deal with. When one aspect of your life gets too challenging, maybe close that drawer for now and open another one, and then just come back to that drawer again later. :)

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