Ways to stay motivated and productive when working from home

30 September 2021

Working at home can be challenging for many people. I know this because I used to dread working from home, mistakenly thinking that I needed the structure offered by working in an office. Working from home is doubly hard for parents, especially moms, because imagine working around piles of dirty laundry or having your kids run into you as you work. The ton of distraction and work schedule may not be the best for your productivity. Whether you have been working from home for some time or just getting started, there is always a thing or two you can do to stay motivated and more productive. 

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Work with a schedule

A structured workday may make it more challenging for you to get hold of time. In most cases, you may find yourself shifting your priorities to work on your home chores. The result may be long working hours. Working from home has blurred the line between working and taking a break. I used to work until 2AM every day at my former job, until I had enough. If you want to stay on top of your work, ensure you create a schedule. Establish when you begin your tasks, take a break, and focus on home chores.

Create a home office 

Do not give in to the temptation of working from your bed or couch. Understandably, working from home comes with flexibility. However, you should not get too comfortable. Create a dedicated workspace where you do all your work-related stuff. Establishing a home office helps you minimize distractions and interferences. My work desk is in my bedroom, but I never sit on it for leisure/ when I'm not working.

Minimize distractions 

There is no denying that getting back to work after an interruption can be very challenging. How many times do you postpone work after receiving a friend’s invitation call? Limiting distractions is the best way to stay motivated and more productive. Mute your phone notifications and emails when working. You may also want to let your family and friends know your working hours to avoid interrupting you.

Take a break

Sometimes changing your environment can make you more productive and motivated. Working from home limits your interactions, meaning no chatting with a next-desk colleague. However, you can take a break from the normal to stay motivated and boost your productivity. For instance, carry your laptop and work while enjoying the fresh breeze from your garden. You can also pack your ergo travel keyboard and head to the nearest park, if there's one nearby. Just make sure to wear your mask.

Prioritize self-care

You work best when you are fresh and relaxed. Instead of forcing your body by working late into the night or multitasking, get that rest to reset and start afresh. Any time you feel overworked and exhausted, take a break to focus on yourself before you resume. You should also reward yourself after every task to stay motivated and productive.

Experiment with different techniques

There are many ways to stay motivated and more productive when working from home. And with many online resources, you can never know what works best for you unless you try them out. Try different strategies to see what works for you. If one does not work, do not hesitate to experiment again until you are certain you have the right recipe.

Working from home is the order of the day. However, this model may not be manageable for everyone. With so much on your plate, you may find it hard to work at your best level. Use these tips to stay motivated and productive when working from home. On top of it, do not ignore physical exercise. Choose the right waist trainer for home workouts or find a fun physical activity, like I did with roller skating. :) Good luck!

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