Quarantine Activities

08 September 2021

In yet another failure of our governance to provide hope in this seemingly never ending quarantine, the other best thing we can do aside from demand more from our leaders and vote better in the coming elections is explore other interests. These are truly stressful times and if I did not have anything else to divert my attention to, I would have gone crazy. I am listing here some activities you can do in our nth form of quarantine.


Thanks to J's sister C and her forming a skating squad, I took an interest in roller skating. It's a really fun activity whether you are just practicing on your own or trying to find some friends at the park, or, in my case, skating with a squad. Heh. My dream skates arrived the other day, and I cannot wait to dress her up!

Look at my Luna Princess!


Start a Blog

It's easy to start a beauty blog, really. What's challenging is maintaining it. But I guess if you are passionate about sharing what you know and experience, then you should be okay. Look at this blog, it's been here for more than a decade now. :)

Learn New Recipes

One thing that I am proud of is that I was able to learn how to cook! If I can do it, believe me, so can you. Quarantine isn't the time to let your creativity die. It's a great time to try something new. if you have been itching to learn how to cook, now is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Try learning how to cook a new dish each week. Make sure you ask your friends and family what they like or don't like when it comes to food so that way you can make recipes for the whole family, or if you live alone you can prep ahead for the whole week and save so much time and effort!

Host a Virtual Party 

I am an extrovert and I thrive in interpersonal relationships so you bet this quarantine has hit me hard. Hosting a virtual party is a great way to keep yourself and your friends entertained during the quarantine. Invite as many people as possible so that you can play games or watch movies together even though everyone might not be able to meet up in person. Also, make sure someone takes pictures of all the fun things happening at the party. This will help those who couldn't make it feel like they are still part of the fun. This is also a great way to connect with friends and family even when we can't be physically together.


Since you can find yourself in some phase of quarantine you can pen either a journal about what is happening around you or what's going on in your life. You can also write notes to yourself that may be helpful for the future, like how you felt during quarantine and any tips that worked well for you.

It doesn't even have to be very long at all. Two sentences will do. Just write a few quick notes about what you did or thought during your quarantine period. You can always go back and add more later on, too. It's up to you how much detail you want in your journal entries, so feel free to get as detailed as you'd like. Besides, doing something imperfectly is better than not doing it at all.

Take care of a pet

Our front yard has become a home to cats and these adorable kittens, and they will be coming with us to our new home when it's finally built.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas on making the most out of your time in isolation or quarantine. Just note that there are tons of other options to explore for those who aren't interested in spending their stay inside playing video games or mindlessly scrolling through social media, although I know we have our owns ways of coping. You are doing amazing. :)

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