Find a love that doesn't hold you back.

29 October 2018

During Cosmo.PH's Editor-in-Chief Jillian Gatcheco-Cantada's Passion Purpose talk at the Belle de Jour 2019 Launch weekend, she talked about Things You Need to Do for Yourself Before Turning 30, which incidentally is an article she wrote for the website. Now I know I'm 32 but I can format her suggestions to make them more relevant to me; I am a work in progress anyway.

I was very inspired by her talk and examples and I felt like every item on her list is applicable to me that I wrote them all down on my journal, but I was particularly drawn to number 7:

Find a love that doesn't hold you back.
The best kind of love makes you grow as a person, and hopefully, you find yours in your twenties. Maybe it's your soulmate, or a career, or a hobby that makes you happy. If it is a life partner, make sure he or she makes you feel indispensable, even if no one really is. If it is a career, hopefully it never makes you feel used or burned out. If it is a hobby, it should never take away your time from your real job, and instead fuel your drive for the daily grind.
 I found mine. ♡

Photo taken at the Halloween Comic Fest 2018/ Spider-Con held at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street last Saturday.

While discussing future plans with him yesterday, I said, jokingly, that one of the best decisions we have ever made is deciding to be together. Keyword is decide. I am no relationship expert but I guess that is an unsolicited advice I can give anyone: relationships are a decision, it is a commitment that you choose every day, and that you keep choosing in spite of and despite anything.

Sometimes I ask J why he loves me (because my Love Language is Words and I need constant validation), and he would always answer, "because you."

Every day we choose, and every day we commit. "Because you."

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