Review: Dear, Klairs Anti-Aging Angel curated kit

30 October 2018

One of my goals in life is to age gracefully and with good skin. I am currently 32 years old—I am liking what I am seeing so far, but I know I need to step up my skin care routine.

When Althea Korea asked us Althea Angels if we would like to participate in trying out curated boxes with products from Korean beauty brand Dear, Klairs, I immediately signed up for the Anti-Aging Angel kit. I received my box in less than two weeks.

It's my first time to use Dear, Klairs products but I have read a lot of raves online and from my friend Joel so I was pretty excited. Read on for my full review.

Php 340.00

You know how cotton pads absorb most of the product you put that you end up using less than half the product on your face, therefore wasting precious skin care products in the process? The Toner Mate 2-in-1 Cotton Pad aims to put a stop to wastage by making sure all the products end up where they're supposed to be: on your face.

There are two types of cotton pads in one box: compressed and sponge type.

After cleansing my face, I use these with my toner. Unlike other cotton pads, these do not absorb the toner. First, I wet the compressed cotton with my toner and wipe on my face to remove dirt and dead skin cells that washing my face did not completely remove, and then I use the sponge cotton to dab more toner on my face. It's said to be the smartest way of using a toner, and I am glad I learned something new with this product; I thought you were just supposed to wipe the toner off, but now I found out you can also leave it on. My skin feels so relaxed after.

Php 260 for 30 mL

I used to dislike toners because they sting my skin, until I discovered gentler products. Now my skin care routine feels incomplete without it! I am happy to report that the Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner feels gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized after. It has Phyto-Oligo that helps to thoroughly moisturize the skin to help resolve skin dryness and wheat amino acids that help reduce inflammation in the skin and provide deep hydration. It doesn't contain alcohol, artificial perfume, nor other harmful ingredients. I also love that it comes in travel-size!

Php 1,560

The Dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop is said to be a good night serum for tomorrow’s skin, suitable to be used by anyone from 20 to 50 years old. It is said to "erase the trace of tiredness and time by going deep into the skin and improve general skin condition" and God knows I need that because long hours at work leave me feeling and looking drained lately.

You have to be careful when using this though because the consistency is too watery; I ended up losing a couple of drops because they seep through my fingers. It is much better to apply directly and let the few blue drops be absorbed into the skin. You can apply several times on the concerned areas.

While I have yet to see its full effects, I am glad to report that I haven't seen any adverse reactions, either. I just don't like its smell, though. I don't hate it, but I am not a fan of it. It doesn't bother me to the point of avoiding this product altogether, though, as the smell fades away a few seconds upon application.

I was able to incorporate all products into my existing skin care routine, and I would happily repurchase the Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner when it runs out. In the meantime, I would keep on slathering on SPF every day, hydrating myself, and try to get as much sleep as I can. The operative word is try.

Do you want to age gracefully, too? What are the steps you are doing now to make sure this happens in the future? Share your tips with me! ♥

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