Cebu, 2018

19 October 2018

I am not a #wanderlust girl. I can never travel light, I dislike packing and unpacking, I get tired easily, and I am too scared I will get lost and never find my way back.

But there is always something to be said about seeing the sun set in a new place.

And discovering similarities and differences a thousand miles from home.

And meeting new people and learning their stories.

And witnessing your long-time friend get married to the love of her life.

And finally meeting a friend you met online about ten years ago and talk like you have been regularly meeting each other over coffee all these years.

And having your trip coincide with the Pink Barbie exhibit.

I may not always like how I get to places (because I am terrified of planes and boats and trains) but once I get there I am happy I’m there. I am happy to be here.

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