{2018} Currently Vol. 2

11 January 2018

This was supposed to have been posted yesterday, Wednesday, but I forgot. I guess I have to exert more effort to get my groove back.

Much of this week was spent on coming to terms with my health. 

After my most recent ultrasound last Saturday, it was confirmed that sadly, my myomas that we have been hoping to shrink through medication and injectables only grew bigger (save for one) and even got two new additions. The inevitable has come: I would have to be operated on and the surgery has to happen soon.

This being a major operation, I would have to take a two-month break from work.

It will be painful and difficult and expensive, and I am TERRIFIED. I don't like that I don't have control over what's happening to my body, so I'm leaving it to the able hands of God and my doctors. I'm thankful for the support of my boyfriend and our respective families through this ordeal.



Our Daily Journey and Love Notes from God, which were Sophie's Christmas gifts to me. It used to be an annual tradition for my Aunt Jean and myself to buy Our Daily Bread so it was really nice to be reminded. Meanwhile, Love Notes from God is a collection of Bible verses set on beautiful photographs. Thank you for these precious gifts, Sophie!


It was part of my 2018 goals to write at least one short story. So far I haven't made any progress on this. We're still two weeks in the new year though so I have more time to work on it, and I will.


I made a Spotify playlist of my ultimate favorite love songs and I listen to it when I need to be reminded that I am loved.


My Benefit Galifornia blush that smells like grapefruit.


My Benefit Galifornia blush, a coral blush that gives me summery vibes and a sun-kissed look.


I need to stop stressing over things, but I can't help but worry about the amount of work that will be left behind when I undergo surgery.


Stressed. See above. Also, we're moving to a new office soon so I have to start packing and moving my things as early as now since no one would be able to do it once I take my sabbatical.


I guess I should be thankful that I only recently discovered how brilliant the Sherlock BBC show is, because at least I had a lot of episodes banked already. But now I'm down to my last season... I have three episodes left. How do I deal?




The weekend to come here, faster.


I just wish and pray that everything will be okay and that I will still be able to bear kids in the future, in the event that my future husband and I find ourselves ready for them.

Your prayers are much appreciated. Thank you for reading. ♡

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