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24 January 2018

My Uncle Roberto celebrated his 60th birthday last Sunday and his kids threw him a '60s-themed birthday party. The music, games, and food were awesome, but what made it even more special is that the whole family in my father's side is complete save for Aunt Earl who's currently working abroad.

Meet my big family!
I'm sure Lola Binyang and Lolo Popoy were smiling down on us from heaven.

Having a big family reminds me that no matter how lonely I get, I am never alone.



Doorkeeper by Ethan Chua and Scott Lee Chua. I was supposed to review this before Christmas but I was too holi-dazed to do anything, let alone concentrate on a book. I started this the other night and I am so impressed by the art!


ONE OK ROCK. My boyfriend got us tickets for their concert at the MOA Arena on Monday!


Coconut Oil, but not really. I think I may just be imagining it. I put coconut oil on my hair last Sunday and even though it was really difficult to rinse off (I used cold water by mistake instead of warm water), I really loved how it made my skin so black and shniy.


L'Oreal Paris skin care products. I've been worried about tired-looking and aging skin so these gifts from the L'Oreal Paris team were welcomed with open arms and a happy face. I started this new regimen last night, and I particularly liked the L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask. It felt hot at first but got cooler and better as it dried, and left my skin feeling really clean!


Of the future.


Sad. I guess it's just one of those days.


Colourpop. My second and third lipstick purchases are the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips Liquid Lipstick in Kween and 3-Way. It was my first time to use Colourpop and OH MY GOODNESS my life was changed. Thanks to Chelsea for recommending it to me!


To reduce waste, especially plastic.

I started bringing my tumbler and metal straw to my coffee runs. (My favorite Starbucks beverage: cold brew with sugar-free vanilla and heavy cream.)


To pack. We're moving to a new office space and I'm not yet done packing my stuff.


For my period. I'm equal parts anticipating and dreading my period, because it means my operation will come soon after.

That things this time next week will be better.

Thank you for reading. ♡

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