#SleepGoals with Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights

17 November 2017

Being a woman is hard enough without all the things we deal with. I feel like if only men knew what we go through on a monthly basis, then it will be easier for us all to get along. And that, folks, is how we will achieve world peace.

A few months ago I wrote about my myoma and how it affects me. My OB first prescribed a brand of birth control pills that made me break out and feel like the whole world is against me. It was definitely a struggle. Thankfully, the second brand she prescribed agreed with me a lot better: my skin cleared up and my mood swings lessened. I gained weight, though, and I experienced bleeding.

There is never an ideal scenario when unexpected bleeding is welcome. That is why, every little helps. I wear a liner every day and I make sure I am prepared in case I get more bleeding.

So I can be more confident to move freely, I depend on the Whisper Cottony Clean and Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights.
With their built-in blue anti-leak channels and soft cottony cover, you'll surely get protected from stains and skin irritation. But to give you a superb Whisper experience even as you sleep, here's Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights that's made softer, longer, and wider to give you stain-free nights! It'll provide an all night all around leakage protection as it has 5x more absorbency than an average pad, so you can get your worry-free and comfy #SleepGoals at night!
It has now become a permanent fixture in my everyday life.

I have a stash of both Whisper Cottony Clean and Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights in my office locker for myself and my officemates who might need it.

I also never leave home without it.

Here’s my favorite workbag, a Rags2Riches bag that contains my everyday work essentials: notebook and Kindle, umbrella, makeup kit, pens, pouch with my earphones and cords, powerbank, phones, ID, wallet, wipes, hair freshener spray, hand sanitizer, pouch with meds, and a pad each of Whisper Cottony Clean and Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights.

During weekend dates, casual day-outs, quick grocery runs, or when we go to church, I don’t bring my humongous bag anymore. (I bring a smaller purse instead and pray I don’t leave anything at home.) My current favorite go-to purse is this Forever21 glitter rainbow bag, where I put my wallet, phones, hand sanitizer, pen, lipsticks, lip balm, powder, brush, and a Whisper Cottony Clean pad.

Uninterrupted sleep is very important for me so Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights is perfect for making sure I sleep soundly without worrying about any leaks.

Whisper acts as an excellent partner for me to continue unlocking my potential on full speed, going after my goals, and being the best version of myself without worrying about unexpected accidents.

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