Dolled Up for the Holidays with the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection

07 November 2017

Flushed cheeks, racing heartbeat, and giddiness all over --- these were my body's immediate reactions when I first heard about this collection a couple of months ago. I couldn't wait to tell my friends but we were sworn to secrecy, and keeping secrets is difficult for me especially when it comes to news as exciting as this! Finally, after waiting for so long, the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection officially hits all Plains & Prints stores nationwide today!

My Barbie walking on sunshine in her Teenage Fashion dress
Ever since her debut 58 years ago, she continues to inspire many women around the world to be everything they want to be. She’s career-oriented, fashionable, and never goes out of style. Her influence is ever-evolving and continues to be relevant from generation to generation. 
This international fashion icon is none other than Barbie and her timeless elegance truly mirrors what Plains & Prints is all about.
Anyone who would dare listen as well as people within a ten-mile radius knows how obsessed I am with Barbie. I started collecting dolls again recently (blame my boyfriend) so you might understand why I am particularly excited for this. We did an event with Plains & Prints to celebrate this launch and everything was absolutely pink-tastic. Only the best for this fashion icon, indeed!

Even my Barbie doll joined the festivities, seen here looking very fancy and featured on Super by Inquirer's Instagram!
Plains & Prints collaborated with international brand Mattel to reinvent some of Barbie’s most iconic looks for a new 10-piece capsule collection, perfect for all the holiday parties you'll be attending!

Bringing functional style and glamour together, the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection features pieces inspired by Barbie dolls from different eras:

All That Jazz (P2,198) inspired by All That Jazz Barbie from 1968
Ballet Wishes (P2,598) inspired by Ballet Wishes Barbie from 2013
Blush Beauty (P2,298) inspired by Blush Beauty Barbie from 2015
Chinoiserie (P2,598) inspired by Chinoiserie Red Barbie from 2004
Mod Redux (P2,198) inspired by Mod Redux Barbie from 2004
Parisienne (P2,798) inspired by Parisienne Barbie from 1959
Party Perfect (P2,498) inspired by Party Perfect Barbie from 2016
Soda Shop (P2,598) inspired by Soda Pop Barbie from 2016
Teenage Fashion (P2,198) inspired by Teenage Fashion Model Barbie from 1959
Winter Concert (P2,298) inspired by Winter Concert Barbie from 2002
Anne Curtis looks like a Barbie in real life! ♥

What I like best about this collection is that they were able to encapsulate Barbie's timelessness as a fashion icon, not reducing Barbie to a mere plaything for kids. I still don't know which one I'm going to get for myself but I'm leaning towards getting either Teenage Fashion, Mod Redux, or Soda Shop!

For every P10,000 purchase, you also get a limited edition Barbie doll wearing a piece from the collection
Barbie party with my friends Ana, Ava, and Ashley ♥ 
Get dolled up for the holidays with the limited edition Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection, available at Plains & Prints stores nationwide starting today, November 7. For more information, visit Plains & Prints on their official website, Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram

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