Meet Madeline Hatter

22 August 2017

It all started two Sundays ago. My boyfriend and I chanced upon Re-Ment miniature toys when we went to his toy haunts in Greenhills, and I waxed on and on about my toys when I was young — my play kitchen sets, my Barbie dolls, my miniature doll houses — every thing I lost when we lost our house to a big fire back in 2001. Jeremiah suggested we build my collection again, and to start with a Barbie doll.

We stayed far too long at the Barbie section at Toy Kingdom with me ooh-ing and aah-ing at everything I saw and him documenting my reactions, but I couldn't decide what to get. He suggested I get a Made to Move Barbie because it's fully articulated and I could play with different poses, but I was hesitant because I thought its clothes were too "simple". I finally yielded, but asked to take a look at the Disney Princess dolls first to look at Jasmine.

That's when I saw them.

In one seemingly forgotten corner of the store, the Ever After High dolls were just there, and it was like they were waiting just for me. I shrieked because, hello, how could I not? They were sons and daughters of fairy tale characters with beautiful hair and fabulous accessories?? They're perfect!

Apparently it's a show on Netflix that I added on my list a while ago but forgot about. We spent a longer time there because I just couldn't choose, until I finally decided on Kitty Cheshire (daughter of the Cheshire Cat) and Featherly (a Forest Pixie)!

Less than two weeks later, and here we are. I've already devoted a huge chunk of time watching the show, reading about these characters, visiting toy stores, and talking my boyfriend's ears off about them. If you haven't yet, I suggest that you watch the show because it's HEXCELLENT and SPELLTACULAR! It's funny without being corny/ cheesy and the characterization and dialogues are fantastical and wonderful!

I'm sad that I'm already at the last chapter of the series, and I'm crossing my fingers that Mattel produces more episodes. Until then, I've set my heart to collecting Madeline Hatter (middle name: Xylophone) dolls because she's my favorite forever after!

Notice my puffy eyes? I burst into tears after seeing all these beautiful Madeline Hatter dolls!
I love Maddie because she's kooky with a good heart. She and her lines are just so amusing that I found myself drawn to her character from the start! After weighing all my options and considering my budget, I ended up with this:

I was so confused as to why she is the only one with an extra tall version, and I learned why in the Way Too Wonderland chapter.

I burst into guffaws and applause at these scenes and I am not even kidding.

Here she is, with my iPhone 6S for scale.
I finally opened her yesterday, and here she is, with her full out-of-the-box glory:

The outfit is a perfect rendition of the animated version, the face and hair are beautiful, and it's really well-made all in all. I just wish they included more accessories like a hair brush and a purse, and maybe a pair of earrings, too. But aside from those minor nitpicks, I am very happy with this doll and I intend to take her to many adventures!

I even created an Instagram account for her. Follow @madelinexhatter if you would be so inclined!

My boyfriend and I did a mini shoot with her yesterday. We were so excited we didn't even mind the rain, hee.

I am looking forward to getting more Madeline Hatters from the other series. I particularly like the Way Too Wonderland, Legacy Day, Sugar Coated, and Getting Fairest versions. I would also love to have my own Hat-Tastic Party Playset but I would need space for that. Heh.

My heart is grateful that my boyfriend and I support each other's interests.

We're awesome at matching outfits, too.
By the way, if you're also interested on toys, there's a big toy event happening this weekend (August 26-28) at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura. He'll have booths there, and I'll be there on Friday after work and whole day of Sunday to assist him. Pass by if you can/ if you want to!

See you when I see you! ♥

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