Cheers to five years!

14 August 2017

Hello, friend. I hope you are well. ♥

Time flies. I celebrated my fifth anniversary with ARC Public Relations yesterday. For an industry that can be fickle, five years is a long time and is already a milestone. To commemmorate this occasion, I got a Pandora Globe Charm to symbolize how big my world has grown since I stepped out if my comfort zone and started anew.

Five years is a speck, really, in the grand scheme of things, but when I think of everything that has happened in this span of time I still get amazed. Five years in this company and I still learn something new every day. Of all the risks I took, this is by far the best.

In other news, we moved to a new office! I miss the open spaces, SM Aura, and cute doggos being walked by their humans in BGC but commuting to and from home is much easier and cheaper now.

The new office is more cramped than the previous one we had but I'm so thankful to be given my own work-space.

One of my favorite additions to my new work desk is this watercolor portrait gifted by Avon. She believed she could so she did. This takes me back to that giant leap I took five years ago. I remember how I said "my friends have such faith in me and in what I can do that it's hard not to believe it too." Look at me now. I recognize how much I've grown since then and I am thankful for every thing that led me to this.

If there’s one thing the world should know, it’s that an empowered woman is unstoppable. Beyond their beauty, Filipinas are among the most powerful and fearless women in the world. I can't resist mentioning Avon here because I love their new Believe in Yourself Bangle.

This jewelry aims to serve as a daily reminder to all women to always appreciate and assert their worth. My Fitbit Charge HR is currently out of commission so I'm back to using my regular watches, and my bangle complements my two-tone watch nicely. Shop your Believe in Yourself Bangle through any Avon Representative or online.

As what my colleague Gian said during our team meeting earlier, the work can get really difficult and stressful sometimes but having awesome officemates negate that.

Aside from our driver Kuya Edwin, it is I who have been with the company the longest. I've already lost track of the number of officemates who've come and gone, but I am thankful for each one.

As a special treat to my officemates for my work anniversary, I bought a whole Basque Burnt Cheesecake from Workshop by Le Petit Soufflé for us to share. (Thank you for pitching in, Joel!) It's so goooood. It's light and fluffy and delectable and decadent and just the right amount of sweetness that will make you yearn for bite after bite after bite. I wish I have enough dispensable money that I can afford to buy one every day. It's that good. ♥

I know no one asked and it's not really customary, but my work anniversary wish is for me to never forget to appreciate things and people around me more. It's easy to take things, work, and people for granted, but I always strive to put value to everything I do and the time I spend with others. That's the little touch that puts the "extra" in extraordinary, and when the time comes for me to leave, I would hope I'd have left enough of a mark to make my presence missed.

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