I AM VERY BUSY: My ban.do Agenda

31 July 2017

How? How could it be August tomorrow already? Before long Christmas songs will be blasting all over the city again, so we have to make sure we're taking the time to pause every once in a while.

Work is more forgiving now that there are more of us in the team. It's still a stressful industry, but I breathe more easily these days. Hah. My free times are dedicated to spending quality time with family, friends, my boyfriend and his family, and my hobbies: reading, watching movies, writing, and journalling. 

My Le Petit Prince Weekly Diary/ Planner Moleskine has served me well but when I saw this particular ban.do Agenda, I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE IT. Yes, the intensity was real.

It has a matte laminated hard cover in PINK with holographic letters. How can I say no to that?? I couldn't, and I didn't, and now I have it. It's perfect. ♥
we’re gonna let you in on a little secret: the 2017–2018 ban.do agenda is not just your average planner. oh no! it’s also an art gallery, a cheerleader, a top secret document, a personal assistant, and a best friend. this one’s our classic agenda in i am very busy. it’s got handy year, month, and week views, tons of notes pages, color-coded tabs, stickers (a lot), cool art from our cool friends, weekend to-dos, compliments, a neat poster, and just so much more. it’s pretty much the agenda of your dreams. From ban.do's website
It's so pretty I'm heart eyes emoji! If this Agenda's any indication, the rest of 2017 and all of 2018 will be bright and bold and colorful for sure.

And look! Stickers! Two sheets of stickers are included, but because I'm me and I'm sticker-happy, I printed a bunch of planner printables and stickers using my Canon PIXMA E470!

I am in love with these marble designs and how it automatically adds an air of sophistication to my Agenda.

These are actually the first batch of stickers I printed, featuring my watercolor paintings-turned-stickers and some of my favorite pins in Pinterest.

Unicorns and doughnuts and galaxies and wispy pink skies because why ever not?

Aside from being a great source of DIY projects, Pinterest is also a treasure trove of free printables! I got sucked in and it was difficult not to print everything! Thankfully my Canon PIXMA E470 is Ink Efficient so it's not a hobby that would be too hard on the pockets! And look how vibrant the colors are!

I'll update this post with more photos of the inside pages of my ban.do Agenda once I've taken better photos, but for the meantime let me leave you with this assurance:

So many possibilities! I'm thrilled and can't wait. ♥

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