Lipstick-less days

30 August 2017

I am perky and enthusiastic, sometimes overly so. I am also very, very excitable. A lot of things excite me, but of all the things I get excited about, one of my favorites are lipsticks. I have strong opinions on colors, shade names, formulation, packaging, and finish, and I never go out without a swipe of it. I can't even leave the office during breaks without putting on lipstick first.

Lately though, I've been feeling too much in the dumps that I couldn't even muster enough energy to apply lipstick. When I let even *one* day go by without applying lipstick, you know there's something wrong. It's been days, friend.

It's weird because my relationship's going great, work's OK, all that jazz. I *should* be okay.

But I'm not.

I have terrible mood swings, and sometimes I burst into tears for no apparent reason, or when my mind suddenly conjures horrible thoughts.

It's difficult when I can't even pinpoint what's wrong because then I can't address it.

My guess is that it's an effect of the pills I'm taking for my myoma, but what can I do when my medicine that aims to heal me also affects me this way? Good thing I'm seeing my doctor on Saturday so I can bring this up.

Yesterday I decided I'll just ride it out until it passes. Or until a new lipstick shade sweeps me off my feet.

Helpful friends piped in and sent good wishes, which are deeply appreciated. I do hope it's just the weather and not an ominous sign of worse things to come.

My friend Nashe suggested I "put on a lippie I never considered, or haven't used in a while, and see if it helps get things moving". I tried that today with my Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick in Make Me Blush, and it was nice. I even did my brows and went the extra mile and put on shjimmery peach eye shadow on my lids.

I also used my lunch break to get a haircut.

I liked it. I didn't realize my head could feel this light again. I just need to get a blow-dryer to maintain its bounce and volume, but first I need to find the energy to shop for one and wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual to be able to squeeze it in my morning routine.

I miss being perky and enthusiastic.

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