Happy almost birthday!

03 April 2017

As far as first workdays of the month go, today was pretty eventful.

I'm celebrating my birthday on Thursday and my officemates surprised us celebrators with a delectable chocolate cake and a pizza party!

With my fellow celebrators Gian and Tracy
Their birthdays were on March 30 and 31 respectively ♥
We also transferred to the next unit in the same building so we had to lug all our stuff from our old work stations to the new ones. I didn't realize how much press kits and gifts I've accumulated the past year alone!

Goodbye, old work desk. I will miss you.
Hello, new work desk!
It will take some getting used to but I'm pleased with our new unit because: Hello, glass windows! Hello, view to the outside world! Hello, sunshine!

Three more sleeps and it will be my birthday. Unlike the previous years, this is the first time I don't feel an iota of excitement for the prospect of getting older. Except maybe for the part I get to receive gifts. LOL. (I chose my boyfriend's birthday gift for me and I don't know if I should still act surprised when he gives it to me.) My favorite birthday is still probably my 28th birthday when I had a How I Met Your Mother-inspired party, but I haven't met Jeremiah yet then so that's not my ultimate favorite. Hashtag cheese.

Aside from not looking forward to getting older, I'm also rushing work because I'll be gone for almost two weeks. I'm leaving for Influence Asia in Malaysia on Friday, be back on Sunday, and then leave for Singapore on Tuesday next week. So see, too busy for birthday plans.

I can't wait to turn my vacation responder on.

Almost 31
Oh well. However I end up celebrating on Thursday, I'm sure it will be okay.

The most important thing is that I don't look 31. ;)

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