Review: Maybelline Powder Mattes by Color Sensational

22 April 2017

Maybelline keeps on releasing awesome collections after another, I can barely keep up! No complaints, though, especially after they released my favorite lipstick formula yet. Hello, friends. I'm here to talk about the Powder Mattes by Color Sensational from Maybelline New York.

Matte lipsticks are huge right now and I'm one of those who have been taken in by this trend completely, but even I admit how some of my favorite mattes feel dry and heavy on my lips. Worse, they leave my lips looking really parched. Eep, not a good look. When I first heard of the Maybelline Powder Mattes during the launch of #MaybellineSquadPH, I couldn't wait to try it out. And now I have five of the top favorite shades on my hands!

Here's a closer look on all five colors and my quick thoughts on each.

Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick in Make Me Blush
Make Me Blush is a muted peachy coral shade. It's a very pretty color but I find it doesn't suit my skin tone that well. This would look better on those with lighter complexion. Sucks for me because I really liked it but oh, well.

Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick in Mauve It Up
Mauve It Up is a dusty mauve that looked flattering on me. It's pretty yet doesn't scream for attention. This would be a nice lipstick for meeting the boyfriend's parents for the first time. ;)

Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick in Noir Red
Noir Red did not register well on my Huawei P9's front camera; it's actually darker in person. From the name itself it reminds me of old Hollywood - glamorous, mysterious, and seductive.

Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick in Plum Perfection
Plum Perfection looked more red than plum to me. It was actually quite difficult to distinguish from Noir Red on both the lip and arm swatches, but Plum Perfection is a tad darker.

Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick in Touch of Nude
Peachy nude Touch of Nude is the runaway winner - it's my favorite among the five and quite honestly one of my top favorite lipsticks of all time! I even used it on my FaceBookIt entry for Mina Esguerra's Better at Weddings than You. It's said to be the younger sister of cult favorite Touch of Spice.

Infused with twice the saturated powder pigments and honey nectar, the Powder Mattes lipstick collection gives your lips an ultra-powdery matte finish that feels silky smooth and perfect for any everyday look.

Maybelline Powder Matte Lipsticks in Make Me Blush, Mauve It Up, Noir Red, Plum Perfection, and Touch of Nude
I sported one for each work day for three weeks and was able to confirm that they last for more than three hours yet stay lightweight and non-drying! The best part about this lipstick: they feel like NOTHING! You literally apply them and forget about them! "Beautiful things don't ask for attention," indeed.

The Maybelline Powder Matte collection come in 15 exciting nude, red, and pink shades to choose from. At just P299 a pop (with Maybelline even conducting sales and promos left and right) these are very affordable and give great value for money!

I recommend that you pick a bullet or two (or three, or more) on your next shopping trip (online or at the malls) and that you buy Touch of Nude first. Seriously, it's the best.

Thanks for reading this review! Catch you again next time!

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